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Does this sound ok getting off Opiate addiction?

I have been using 8 years. Not a terrible amount but at worst 75 mg daily oxy habit. Lately , last 5 weeks ive bern reducing. I have verylittle exp with fent. But I have a few m bus oxy that I can snort a tiny crumb and it does what 10 mg of pure oxy cannot. But, if too muce it gets me sick. Anyway I am using about 10 mg oxy and about half of these m boxes  per day. I have had enough of this awful stuff. My life is good. Own my own business, beautiful wife and zero financial needs. I have worked for everything i have , nothing given to me. I say this b/c I have no issues in my life to use. I first started due to having a root canal. Did not know what these sob’s could become.

I  am going to stop the m boxes. Taper the remaing oxy just not go in PW and take 8 days of subs. Try start no more than 2 mg. 2,2,1,1 .5, .5 skip .5, skip and last .5. Then use clonidine, Vit C, dlph, and calm support and of course imoduim AD.Does this plan sound ok? I know some will say skip the sub and I might. Or may do for 3 days and play how I feel.  Been on this forum for months and this is my first post. Thanks for all your help. It’s been fantastic. I plan continue using this forum for aftercare.
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IMO.... I would skip the subs. We not supposed to give taper advice on here but most people do taper. My only concern is the use of other drugs to get off this drug? I chose cold turkey and it sucked but for me, it's a good reminder now of where I don't want to be ever again! Are you doing it this way so that your spouse doesn't suspect or does he/she know? A helpful spouse is always good to have on board as I don't recommend doing it alone. It helps you to be accountable.
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Good morning Todd247,

Your plan sounds good.  I’ve been to a medical detox and they used Suboxone for the first week then tapered you off.  Suffering for 3 days sounds awful to me.  I was addicted to heroin and the pull to relapse was very great.  Those first few days were instrumental in not relapsing.  Using the Suboxone allowed me to focus on recovery instead of death warmed over.
Thank you so much Kelco. Right now I got to just pull the trigger and stop. Seems like there is always a reason to delay. There will never be a right time. For now it’s getting a RX for the Clonidine
Hi todd247,
When you get all your ducks in a row you’ll pick a day to quit.  Clonadine really helped me during detox.  I hope you get some.  
i took my last OXY Monday night. Now on Sub. Started at 5mg, then 4mg following day. Yesterday 5mg and dropping to 3 mg today. I am gonna taper for 6 more days, skip days and quit. I got all the comfort meds. Doc just added lyrica if needed for RLS. Just not finding pleasure in must anything has been the major issue. I use to be a huge runner. Got to start back running some to help with that.
Good morning todd247 How are you doing ?  
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  Before you start with anything i would go see your doctor.  Tell them everything that is going on and what you are taking.  Getting honest with ourselves is key here as our secrets keep us sick.  Talk with your wife also as she needs to know too.  You dont have to be a prisoner to these pills.  There is help out here so keep talking with us~
Oh, i will most definitely do that. First thing I got to dois just stop. I got all the comfort meds.
Today is today I finish off the remaining fee oxys. Had some wd’s last night. Those pressed oxy’s should not be a problem I would think. I was using less than I per day and this is day 2 off them. Im hoping tomorrow night i can start a low dose sub taper for 5-6 days then off for good.
HERE is my first update and many opiate users may want to listen. I did IBOGAINE least week. It works. It's not a cure but an addiction interruptor. If you want to get off and have a 6-8 week headstart after stopping your DOC then look into ibogaine.
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How are you doing todd247???  
hi motye51,

see my comment above. That is the extreme measure I took to get off opiates

thank you
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I hope you got on the Suboxone It works amazing. It really does take the cravings away. It's addictive physically but not mentally You're more dependent than addicted and you'll understand the difference when you start going on it. Just make sure to talk to your doctor that you're getting the right dose that's really important. You have a lot to live for and you can do this. Just remember anything harm reduction wise like Suboxone or Subutex is way better than taking fentanyl or oxycodone which can kill you. Suboxone has a ceiling effect so you won't overdose on it and it doesn't affect your mind it just it does lighten the depression a lot they did use it as a depression drug and do it time so don't be nervous about it you're going to be successful
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