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Espranor (UK Buprenorphine/Subutex) experience.

I take Espranor and all I cans ay bar some side effects is that it could well have saved my life. I had 4 od's on oxyconton during the lockdown periods, If I didn't take oxy's I would take codeine, DHC, Herion(smoked)., and If i couldn;t get drugs ~I would drink like a fish. On Espranor I do not take any drugs bar scripted or alcohal. It makes me feel ebtter and it stops the cravings. Its the cravings that kill me, I cannot handle it when my brain is just focussed on getting out of it so I can forget, Espranor makes me a nicer and more stable person. I have come of it once before but then replapsed, btw I didn;t get much withdrawal on it - I did however take pregabalin and lorazepam during the w'd

I am currently on 12mgs of Espranor, (25-30% move biovalability than subutex)
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Has anyone else taking Espranor on here? There are a lot of posts on this forum regarding problems with sub withdrawel, I was wondering if those same problems could be attributed to Espranor or not . To me Espranor is life saving and i also think Sub can be as well. Just trying to balance the posts about Buprenorphine out a bit if your doc thinks you should try it, I say go for it, craving opiates is no life at all.
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