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Good vibes!!

Hey guys!!!

So I'm almost two weeks free of Tramadol! I'm happy to report that I've actually been feeling great the last few days...I have energy and no more fatigue. Is this normal?!? I remember last detox the fatigue hung around for almost a month or more. It's weirdly different this time. I feel like this isn't normal and am just waiting for it to come back. And I'm not even taking any supplements or vitamins anymore. Thoughts? Sorry if I'm rubbing it in anyone's face for those of you feeling horrible right now...but I just wanted to report that it's possible to feel normal this early, even with a long addiction like mine.

Oh and another thing that has really helped my mood is MUSIC!! Every time you drive in your car, blast those good tunes. It really helps put me in a great mood. I remember not even turning on my radio ever when I was on tramadol! It's like the old me is finally showing!!!
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Aw Kylie, two weeks is awesome. Very proud of you! As far as the energy thing goes, everyone's different, but if I were you I'd just enjoy it, lol. You may have a few bad days here and there, but that's to be expected. Keep it up girl! Your doing great!!!

Take care...
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Just chiming in for Support!
Take each and every moment of your Life and Enjoy! You have come a ways now and there is NO looking back..HUGS!

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