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Has anyone ever had their Suboxone dose increased?

I have been off Suboxone for at least 15 months. Thinking more and more about my Suboxone doctors ethics... Cash only... 7 years on it with no therapy or a plan to come off of it... He even offered to increase my dose because I felt like I needed more after a couple of years. Glad I didn't and got free from the POS. Just curious if anyone else was offered a higher dose of Suboxone after they had built up a tolerance?
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I am glad you got out of there.  It is a get rich quick for many of the Sub doctors who have no ethics anymore.  Pretty sad.....
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My dr NEVER attempted to decrease my initial dosage which was 24mg a day.  No therapy, and I was NEVER drug tested (even though I know others were)???  When I made the decision to come off it was MY decision, of which I think that helped me.
Now that I'm clean, I look back and ask myself "was I really going to taper from the suboxone?"....I've never successfully tapered from anything so why did I think I would do it with this?  If I could I would've tapered from the opiates I was on in the first place....lol
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Hello everyone.
I've been on Subutex for about 8 months now. I'm doing fantastic. I'm so so over pain medication.  My doctor only deals with cash. He just does, he's so on the up-and-up. And he truly does care about his patients. If you walk the extra mile he walks the extra mile for whatever you need,  He's not a drug pusher and wants to up your dose he's okay if you're okay with the dose you're on. So not every Cash Doctor is crooked Just sayin. Have a blessed day.
Sending everyone positive vibes.
I had nothing but positive things to say about my old school psychiatrist for the first couple of years... He understood everything! He even suspected that I was ADD and prescribed dexedrine to for the first time me at 60.
Bamame, consider yourself lucky then.  Not all the docs are like that.
Yes, I'm extremely grateful for my doctor. So I'm very lucky.
I was saying those things about my old school psychiatrist sarcastically. He is literally a drug pusher. He had no intention of me ever coming off Suboxone. I had to get away from the POS to recover. Been clean and free for 15 months. It took me a year to recover from seven years of Suboxone. I have never met an honest doctor that was cash only. Drug pusher style...
I've seen my doctor for a while now. He saved my life. I just adore him. And my doctor thank God he's not a drug Pusher. Have a good day, and good luck. Happy Easter.
my suboxone dr WILL NOT accept you if you are paying cash she will not take cash paying patients
I have a friend she goes to a facility that doesn't take cash. But she's on Medicaid and that's pretty much what this doctor takes.
Have a good day. Happy Easter.
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No my doctor started me out at 1 and a half pill but I'm in a lot of pain on disability at the end of the day I would start hurting again so much that I couldn't sleep I asked if he could increase it by a half so it would be 2 a day and he told me no that it was ridiculous he said one pill or strip equals something close to 100 mg of morphine which I think is bull crap but what can I do I can't argue with my doctor.
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