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How can I get off suboxone with Norco?

Have been on suboxone for 6 weeks. Started out at 24 mgs in the past few weeks have drastically reduced to less than 3 mgs I’m sure other people like this med I myself hate it. Just wondering I’ve read where your suppose to wait 24 hours after taking Suboxone to even try an opiate... anybody out there tried this? I’m not downing suboxone it’s jusy not for me
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I absolutely do not recommend this. I once tapered from Suboxone and was about to jump- thought some short lasting opiates like Norco would help me and ended up right back where I started please hear my caution. And know it's from concern not condemnation.
Can you please explain what happened if you don’t mind...I’m so sick of suboxone I have legitimate pain was in PM but stop going Bc I’m sure they know about the sub treatment at a loss of what to do  ... thank you for answering me back
If I waited the 24 hours would I actually feel the effects of opiates?  just wondering ..,scared to try it and  don’t feel it then your stuck for another 24 hours in withdrawals until you can take subs again at least this is what I’ve read don’t have a lot of experience with suboxone
I just know I got on Suboxone to stop the other opiates as soon as I tried hydrocodone/notco for sub withdrawal relief I wanted more and more ...which Suboxone never did for me and then ...back on Suboxone
Norco* just saying - I got on Suboxone to stop the hydrocodone / Norco withdrawals as soon as I took them again it was immediate addiction then starting all over.
I will probably go back on Norco until I see my PM dr just scared
Scared of switching and I know everyone is different
Ugh!!! Wanted to switch this morning but nervous about not feeling the Norco I have my grandson to take care of ... then mad at myself for taking the dreaded subs! Then I feel I’m in this **** alone!
Took 45 minutes to decide what to what hell!!!!
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