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I am taking suboxine on my own and want to go to suboxone clinic to help me stR

I take suboxine without prescription and want to go to suboxine clinic for help.will I have to be clean from suboxine
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Suboxone clinics no what's up just be a hospital because they need to give you a proper dose.
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I’d advise you to just go to the dr.  & not take anything else..... if you’re on suboxone & take anything with opiates in it ( Vicodin-oxy-norco) it will send you into precicipitated withdrawals & it’s a nightmare. Not trying to scare you, learned the hard way. And taking more of    the subs did not help. Just tell doc you’ve been getting them & would advise going on a slow taper. Been on them for 7 years & years devastated my health. Blessings & best wishes
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Really great advice.  I think hearing other people's experience is powerful although I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way.  I agree being upfront and honest is the best plan.  Hope you are doing well and check back in here.
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You can! You may need to take a norco or vicodin the day before your appt so opioids shows up in your urine. Do not take any benzos! (It will open a whole other can of worms) Yes it will be fine while you've been taking sub & no you wont have withdrawals. Your Doctor may or may not "induce" you on your first appt meaning you go fill one sub at the pharm, then return & take it while they monitor you to verify that you can handle this drug, & they can also confirm no allergic reactions or precipitated withdrawals.
Personally I would NOT mention that you've been buying sub off the street. My experience with that is that the Doctor's get paranoid with patients that are buying or selling meds illegally only because the DEA sweats them about drug diversion. Be prepared to provide a clean urine specimen every month (positive for sub) another thing, your  Doc will likely make you see a counselor or attend AA/NA &  provide a signed sheet as proof. Best of Luck
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Good point with Drs bring Leary of people selling or buying.....  just fir myself, my doc knew there was everything on the street, including subs, & wanted to be upfront with him .
Aa na for sure.
How are you doing Boopie_42?  I like your style.  And agree that being upfront is the way to go!
I’m doing a taper right now, down to 2 mg’s from a 8 mg a day for 10 years.
This drug is meant to be a tool to get off of DOC.
This stuff eats up your bones & is a nightmare to come off of.
A 21 day detox with suboxone is what it’s meant for.
If I could afford to go into a detox, I would.
Coming out of my skin. Had a foot surgery & discovered that my bones are really brittle..... it’s like methadone, eats away at the calcium. Not as bad a detox I don’t think ( took 1 solid year to feel kinda normal from methadone detox being on 4 years , 25 years ago.
Seriously consider not staying on this drug. As-na is an excellent program. Hoping to rejoin the freedom from any chains of drugs again soon. Thx 4 asking mombojombo.
I hope hope hope the taper goes well and you achieve your goal.  Agree that AS-na is awesome. Stay in touch with us and let us know how it is going!
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