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I was wondering if 36mg of methadone is still high enough to cause constipation, or should I have the runs by now?

    I've been detoxing from 125mg of methadone, and am now down to 36mg. For the last few months I have needed a laxitive to ues the b/room. If I don't use one,( I've used Miralax for about the last 3 months, recomended to me by  the pharmacist because it's the least harmful), I can't go, even though I know I have to go. I am trying not to use a laxative because I'm afraid I may become dependant, but I've heard that is more of a problem w/stimulant laxatives.
    Months ago, when I was at a higher dose, I went every morning w/out fail and w/out a problem. Even before my opiate addiction, I went EVERY morning before work. I've added a multi-vitamin, Flax Seed Oil pill and a Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc pill to my diet. I drink plenty of water,( 5 or 6-12oz glasses of water, and plenty of fiber,( Rasin Bran once or twice a day). The only thing I cut out of my diet was protein because I have heard it causes inflamation during detox. Does anyone see something that may be causing me to have trouble going #2? Has anyone else had this problem at a dose this low? Is this even considered a "low" dose?
   In my life, I have never had a problem going, and I do not suffer from acid reflux. Never have, even though the dr. at my clinic recomended me to buy PrilosecOTC, which did nothing. That was his only suggestion. Can you say USELESS!
   I'm at a loss, and don't have insurance, and my PCP won't see me as soon as I mentioned I was on methadone. I had bloodwork and a urinalysis test done a couple months ago, and everything came back fine,( I got all the #'s back, and even though I don't know what half of it means, my #'s are in the middle of the parameters given), so now, even if I saw a dr., I wouldn't know what to ask him/her to test for. Any suggestions? BTY, the bloodwork cost over $4,000.00, that's why I'm nervous to see a dr. I don't want to end up in a morgue, but I don't want to owe my life to a hospital bill either.
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I have not taken Methadone so I dont know if that is the what is causing it or not. Have you tried a stool softner?
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HI Steve good to see you posting so your down to 38 now... you go dude...as for your bathroom problem you may just have it till your threw with your taper its not uncommon with methadone...other then that how you been feeling I know you have been struggling coming down this time has it gotten any ezer....did you try the calcium/magnesium/zinc suplament
it helps a lot with the withdrawals you can pick it up at walmart for 6 bucks take 4 with dinner and 4 with supper that helped me out a lot anyway keep posting on your progress you will be free of this stuff just keep pluging along good luck and God bless....Gnarly  
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Hi.. count your blessings, I quit methadone over a month ago and would pay big money if I did not have to RUN to the can 4 or 5 times a day.
Good luck with the taper,you are doing well.That stuff plays hell with your whole system for a long time.                                       karl
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    Actually, I'm at 36mg, and will be going down another 2mg this Saturday. You were right, slow and steady. I've been going down 2mg every 2 weeks. I feel the drop in the first few days, and by the end of the first week I feel like I could go down again, but I'd rather give my body an extra week to adjust even more.
    Other than having a hard time going #2 and having a dull headache off and on, I feel quite good.
    Yep, I did purchace the Calcium, Magnesiun and Zinc pill,($6.00 @ WalMart), and have been taking 4 of them twice a day, along with a multi-vitamin, Flax Seed Oil pill and started using a good protein shake. I'll just need to cut back on the fiber a little. Oh, and I take hot showers whenever I can.
    Just so I understand again, it's NOT uncommon to have problems going to the b/room for some people? I have no problem if I take Miralax before bed, and was told it was O.K. to take for a long time by the pharmacist next to the hospital,( I figure they must have been asked every question known to man).
    I just got nervous because I read somewhere that Clonidine, which has helped SO MUCH, may cause "inactive colon", and was hoping that that was not the problem. I spoke w/my psych, and he is cutting my dose in half, just to see if my b/room problem gets any better. It would stink if I had to drop this med because it stops the RLS, helps w/anxiety and helps w/sleep. The pharmacist I spoke to said that "inactive colon" or "lazy bowel syndrome" is not a problem with just about everyone taking this med.
    I feel better reading that there's a possibility that my bathroom "problem" may stay with me till the end.
   Thank you for your input. You are a very caring person.
        Sincerely, Steve.
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I admire you for you perserverance. I've been on and off of narcotics for 30 years now. mostly on. (I'm 57) I'm on suboxone for the third time. I have alot of experience with the #2 problem. Psyllium Husk is tasteless and odorless. One to two teaspoons mixed with juice every morning or eve ALWAYS worked for me. Its inexpensive and I think you can get it at most pharmacies, maybe Costco. Psyllium is the main ingredient in laxitive products that are not pill form. Thanks for your post.
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