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In memory of IBK~

This is one of the hardest things i have ever had to do.  We found out this morning that IBK  passed away of a massive heart attack on Sunday Aug.2nd.  We dont know anymore details at this point.  I loved this woman with all my heart as did many others.  We will all feel her absence on this forum but she will be with everyone of us in spirit.  She lived hard and worked her recovery even harder.  Each and everyone of us was important to her and she wanted  all of us to experience sobriety.  I really am at a loss here so will close for now.

RIP my beautiful friend~
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May the Creator hold you close IBK.. Your sound advice has helped so may to achieve sobriety You have left a Wonderful legacy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much.. I will miss you Friend. love, lesa
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I didn't want to believe it my friend. The more we didn't hear anything I felt maybe it was just a mistake. She lives all around us now. We will live on n our sobriety and we will all dedicate our recovery to her. There r no words to b said at a time like this. Just memories and wise words she spoke to us.
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She was such an inspiration and a wonderful human being, i will miss her greatly, as so many will.
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What a devastating loss to this community...and to those who loved her. She was an amazing woman who gave of herself.  She helped me in so many ways. She will be missed greatly. There are no more words, only tears. Rest in peace beautiful friend.  You will forever be in my heart.
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Heartbreakingly sad.  Will miss her.  Peace to you all, her dear friends.
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i am so sorry to hear this. she will be missed. she is at peace now.  
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Giving of yourself for the benefit of others is the most beautiful of human behaviors.  IBK must have spent countless hours helping others.  Ive been here for 5 years and she was always there.  I'm so sorry for those friends whom are feeling the grief of losing a cherished friend.
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Omg! I was just this morning thinking of her. Waiting on her to chime in on my latest relapse. Ever since I found this site 6+yrs ago I've always respected her words. Even when I'd disappear for while I'd think of her asking me "what are you gonna do different this time". I don't know why but every time I've come back I've almost been a little intimidated by what she might tell me. I respected her straightforward approach. No sugar coating. Her words have and always will be with me. My heart is so heavy right now. Her family and ones closest to her are in my prayers.
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Oh NO!!! I literally just threw up!!.... I don't have words right now, only tears:(
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I am at a loss for words. IBK was a wonderful woman, with a wicked sense of humor, fiercely dedicated to all of you, and to this community. She was selfless, and MedHelp is a better place because of her.

She will be missed, by me, and by so many. You all, and her friends and family, will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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What a beautiful soul. You will be missed greatly.
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Words cannot express how sad I am to hear this. Rest in peace! Her family and friends will be in my prayers.
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this is such a shock.
she meant a lot to many of us in this community.
you will be missed Bonnie.
rest in peace.
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OMG awful news.  She was one of the people who spent the time to help others.  Give support and let you know you're not alone.  Awful awful news
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Typing through tears......I will try......

My sista from another mista......my blues buddy....my football QUEEN who taught me to love football as much as she did.

I'll never watch another Packer's game without thinking of HER...not EVER.......not EVER~

And I will be hearing her cheer:  "GO PACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Perhaps we can pull from IBK's strength, as we remember her dedication and passion helping others.  She's going to be missed by so many.  Our thoughts are with everyone here, IBK's family and her friends, at this difficult time.


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" Get some rest as today was a very emotional day for you. You need to help someone else today instead of thinking of all the loved ones you have lost today. Like I said get some rest and know you are loved" - IBKleen  

That something she sent me when I had lost loved ones.

Its that simple.
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So very sad.....she always had something positive for everyone!!!!  My heart breaks for all of you who called her "Friend"... you all and her family are in my thoughts and prayers....
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That's really beautiful, Ang, and thanks for sharing that.

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Oh my I am so shocked and saddened by this news Sarah. May she rest in peace.
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I have no words.......She was always there to cheer myself and so many others on and never held back! She will be missed so much by so many!
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Your words said SO much.....and were a GREAT comfort to me...thank you~
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I've been in bed with pneumonia and didn't see this until now.

I'm in shock.   How could this have happened?  

IBK was a beautiful soul and she is now an eternal spirit.  This is all too much...I'll check back later.

RIP my friend...

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Aww I'm glad.

I met her in 2008, when I started working for MH. From the start, she made sure I knew that she knew more about the Addiction Communities than I did lol (she was right), and she was very protective of all the members.

I respected her so much for that, and for just being her. I hope she knew what an impact she made on so many.

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