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Introducing VICourageous as your new Co-Community Leader

working alongside CoCL's Dominosarah and gnarly_1 .  We look forward to working with everyone in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community.


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Wow that is great news! Congratulations Vic!
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Congratulations Vicki !!!! :)
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In the words of Matthew McConaughey~ alright, alright, alright!!!   Your an awesome, sweet soul Vic, congrats!
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Congrats Vicki!! xoxox
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Yay I love her!!!
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Congrats,  well deserved
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Oh, yay, what a happy surprise, congrats Vicki!! xo
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Congrats V ! You will have a thingy by your name :) Seriously you will make a great co leader I'm Happy and Proud that they picked you, well informed and compassionate.. what a Great team we have ! lesa
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very apt, congrats Vic
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Hey hey Vicki  a big congrats to you  where so happy to have you on as a CL  3 pair of eyes is better then two......we look forward to helping you and all you got to do is keep doing what you do.... your a perfict fit for the job your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Wonderful news.....congragulations!
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Welcome grasshopper!!!  We are going to make this the biggest and badest(in a good way mind you!) forum ever!!!!
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Couldn't go to someone more deserving!
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This is Wonderful News!! Congrats Vic, so well deserved!!
You have worked so hard, especially this past month to do all you can to restore the love and compassion on this forum!!

I am SO happy for you!!!
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A most excellent choice!! :) Yay! Yay & Yay, again!!
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Congratulation. Reading your posts and watching you deal with all your losses has been an inspiration to me that if you can stay clean with all this then I can too. Reading your posts gave me the courage to jump 19 months ago. You will be a great leader as you already are.
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Aww congrats Vic!!
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I couldn't think of a better person for the job! Awesome!
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congrats VIC!!!
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How Sweet YOU ALL R. I am a bit shy about this too.

The truth is that they all got together and gave me this position, so I would Read more and Write less..LOL.

Seriously, WE R ALL FAMILY HERE!  We ALL work as a Team!

I joined on here on 2012 and had 3 months in already. Still going through them Stages of Detox, this became my "HAPPY PLACE".  I have learned SO much out here and I still do. I feel like a student in a class room and ALL of YOU are my Teachers.
We used to have so much FUN out here. I have seen all of us just crack up the poster and make them laugh so hard.  By being Fun, Loving and Compassionate, most of us stuck around or still check in & out.  This is what WE need BACK!!!!

I am sure my Mom & Dad are Smiling down at me right now..(RIP). I used to go over to my Moms house and get on here for hours & hours. I would just Laugh so much and out Loud, that it kept my Mom Entertained. The SUPPORT was just a Blessing in those times of Troubled Waters.

This place is a "WE" thing and not a "ME" thing. Team Work all the Way!
Lets have some Fun out here again!

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Congratulations!  You bring so much to the group and you'll be a great CL.
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