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Its That Time! July 2014 Roll Call!!

Well, for those that are new...this is a monthly thread where you either post how long you've been clean or if your not clean yet but are thinking about it....this is the place to introduce yourself. So all are welcome and encouraged to post. People can draw hope from those who have walked the path ahead of them...so please share.

Also, I want to wish everybody a happy and safe fourth of July. Celebrate it with clean friends and keep your sobriety close. If your having a problem and feeling like using...utilize your aftercare plan. Use your "Who wants to be a millionaire" lifeline and phone a friend.

Everybody...stay safe.
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I will start. My name is ABN and I'm a dopeless hope fiend and according to my counter I have 1610 days clean.
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I'm SI and I was an addict until I went to Passages of Malibu. KIDDING! (I couldn't resist). Anyhow, I'm over  2 years clean and I still pinch myself at how my life has improved being pill free. Never in a million years did I think I could get out from under the depression and heaviness of drugs. Thanks ABN for posting these clean time post. Happy 4th everyone!
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My Name is Annie (whom I'm getting to know). 553 Days off opiates. ;) (Bang! Sizzle & Pop!) Be safe & joyful on the 4th everybody. Thanks, ABN..
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I am on day 55 of a Norco free life. Getting stronger and stronger and loving life!
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734 days off street methadone, recovery hasn't met my expectations along the way, but has exceeded them in the long run. I do not regret the worst of it.
Thanks for being here ya'll!
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hi y,all, im at 18 +days and glad to be here.i don,t quite know how I found this site nor do I remember. free o f opiates for the 1st time in a few  years feels good. I,ve found myself doing  positive things for a change. it,s amazes me if we worked as hard at our jobs as we did chasing drugs we would be very successful and probally rich.  good luck too all in future endeavors.     peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey y'all I am noni and I have 161 days free of the rob you of your life pills! I feel the corner being turned and see the light at the end of this tunnel!  If I can you can :-)
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Hey my name is Dig, I was living under a bridge only a few year back and now I have 393 days clean from subs, back at work and loving life again! Sobriety is truly a wonderful and enlightening thing if we stay patient and embrace it!

Congratulations to everyone, we got this peeps, ;)))
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I'm new and 104 days off hydro's....not loving life but an hopeful I will ne soon.

By the way...you all on her ROCK!

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Awesome.. You guys are so inspiring! Well I made the mistake of going on methadone after a year lortab/roxy habit, and was up to 100mg of methadone a day. I've been on methadone 5 1/2 years, but have tapered down to 6mg. I'm in the nitty gritty and having a grand old craptastic time. It's nice to know there's people like you guys that have gotten through this.
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Hey everyone! I'm EG (evil girl!), and as of today I've got 21 days clean!
I've battled prescription pain pill addiction for 8 years. So glad I found this board, it may have saved my life....!
Good job everybody and keep up the good work!!!
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What's up I'm 18 days clean every morning I wake up is a new blessing I'm loving this new life of mine I hope everyone has a safe and happy Also SOBER 4TH OF JULY IT WORKS IF U WORK IT GOD BLESS U ALL STAY WALKING STRONG
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Congratulations to all of you awesome people!!  

715 days here and things are good!   ;)     really good
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hi im kelly and i have 22 days today pill free and it feels great tapering off suboxone down to 1mg ima keep on truckin man
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Hey everyone!  592 days clean for meeeee!!!  feeling good....happy and grateful to wake up every morning not reaching for pills!   congrats everyone on your clean time or wanting to get off the pill roller coaster!!  :)))  
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330 days & counting..
Congrats everybody!
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Hi all
I am 18 days clean from hydros. Feel better every day, just struggling with energy. I am so relieved that those pills are out of my life! Cheers to all of you on your sobriety and have a safe and happy 4th! hugs!
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436 days. Congratulations to all on their hard work and clean time!
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Congrats to all on all of this awesome clean time - whether it is 1 day or 1000 days!  I have not abused vicodin in 208 days!  So grateful not to be chained to pill-counting and clock-watching!
God Bless and Happy and Safe 4th of July!
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Hey guys, my name is Amanda, im over 7 months off Subs.
Congratulations everyone !!!
Thanks again ABN : )
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Hey y'all~! I'm Teina and I have 1465 days of FREEDOM from bondage... ONE day at a time. Praising God!

Congratulations to ALL for your clean time!! Every DAY matters - Keep choosing LIFE!  Thank you all here for helping me live a life of sobriety today! :)
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180 days!!! And I am still here. Picking up my 6 month key tag tonight and my family is coming with me to my meeting. Things have definatly changed...and mostly, for the better.
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thats AWESOME!!!!!
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103 days!!!!
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