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Looking back on detox

I was just answering a pm..feels good when u have to actually look back to rememer what helped me during the anxiety and stuff...seems so long ago sometimes..it was so fresh then on my mind...time moves on and so do we...i am glad i kept some journals
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congrats on 200 days!!
thank you for coming back to encourage us that are in the place you were at one poing.

gives hope!
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it does for sure as i know so many feel so stuck...make it the 90 days before u say "I cant"  better yet...Never say you cant!...keep going..if u mess up..sweep it under the rug..to me this is the one time when sweeping stuff under the rug is positive as dwelling on it can bring u down...if u slip...let it go...dont look back except to learn from mistakes..and even then dont stay there long..move forward always...if u are doing something that feels like u r moving backwards..it is not the right thing to do...and let it go...and go forward again
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Wow Congrats on 200 days! Thats awesome! I can't wait ti'll Im there!
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thats a heck of a way to put it

thats inspirational!
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Good post, worried. I too, don't remember all the specifics of my detox anymore. It does seem like such a long time ago.

But I  know I dont' want to go back and do it all over again.I didn't keep journals but i can look back on old posts.

So for all of you going thru detox or wd's, tapering or ct..or wherever you are on your journey...HANG IN THERE!!!.......It really does get better!!!
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200 days!! Congrats! That is awesome! Some of my WD etc are not fresh in my mind either but I will never go back and re-live that! That i do know! Like toxictome said...it really does get better so hang in there to all of you fighting right now!
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