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Methadone withdrawal from less than 1ml

As an on again off again heroin addict through out my life starting at 16 am now 35 I did have about an 8 year gap between 19-27. Then was an occasional user until 30 I became a bad addict and ended up on the methadone program. I've been searching the internet for tapering withdrawal symptoms from 1mg or less and discovered there isn't really anything. 3 years ago I tapered from 70mg to 5mg of methadone before going cold turkey and I remember the first 2-3 days being fine until all of a sudden it hit me. I was restless, lethargic etc then by day 4 the stomach cramps hit and then the trips to the toilet and insomnia kicked in. By day 7-8 I was feeling more energetic but stomach symptoms lasted a few months. I was clean for about 12 months and in this time I became pregnant and ended up loosing a baby at 24weeks this started a depression and a relapse and next thing I was back on the program. 35mg Tomorrow I'm down to 4mg after about 18 months on the program and have myself booked into a rehab centre for 7-10 days to go cold turkey on the 6th of August. I'm really not looking forward to it but last time I detoxed from home with little help medication wise. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips to make this detox easier from the last time? I know its going to be nothing like heroin withdrawal was as I've tried that and that was pure hell. But should I try to taper over the next week down to like 1-2mg or should I just start cold from 3-4mg will there be any difference?? And would like to know anyone else's time frames from low dose withdrawal if possible and if anyone had little to no symptoms or if this is just going to be exactly like last time. Any help with natural ways to help or reduce stomach pain would also be helpful. Or has anyone dropped from 1mg and if so did you have much withdrawal? Thanks in advance:)
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Hi honey:

I have never taken methadone, but I'm Queen of Stomach Pain, so here are some tips I've learned:

*Heating pad (my best friend. Highest setting, with a towel between tummy and pad.)

*Ginger tea: Peel and mince about 2 heaping TABLESPOONS of raw ginger.  Place in a big mug, and pour boiling water over. The little bits of ginger will float to the top; don't freak, this is supposed to happen.  Put a small plate over the mug and let the tea steep for a few minutes or until all the little ginger bits sink to the bottom of the mug...now sip it very slowly.  Magic.

*Avoid protein.  Protein molecules are big and take a long time to digest, which is why they make you feel filled up.  But on a raw tummy they can be murder.   I stick to bland foods when my stomach is in pain.  Piping hot broth (chicken) is easy for your stomach to digest.  So are bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, noodles, etc.

*Soaking in a hot tub.  Like the heating pad but even better.

It looks like you've got a good plan.  We can't give tapering advice, but I wish you the best of luck sweetie.  


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Under 5mgs of methadone it's just best to stop.
Your body still will have to detox the methadone that has built up in your
System. It will take time, quite a few mom this to detox.
Eat a healthy diet, lean proteins , veggies, fruit, lots of water.
Drink protein shakes. Stay away from sugars.
Multi vitamins, .magnesium, calcium, zinc all help to restore your body, and mind.

Congrats on your taper you did awesome
Stay active, exercise, walk, swim, bike.

Time and patience will be your healer.
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I agree with the above. The best thing for you to do right now is to try to get up a great immune system to help detox the toxins out. Drink tons of water. I had found out that there are tons of powder vit/min and antioxidants you can add to your water. Some vit/min will help with sleep & anxiety, as some will for energy. These vit/min take time, so it is important that you do eat healthy and try to stay away from caffeine & sugars the best you can in the beginning.

The BIG thing about Addiction is that it is a Disease. It will take TIME, PATIENCE and TONS OF CHANGES to stay on the right track. It does take time for all those Brain Chems to balance out and also all those receptors that are full. We also build more as we build up the tolerance. These are called new gates.We do have receptors in our Stomach and this is why we get sick. It all has been narrowed down in a more scientific way.

There is so much to do to stay clean and one thing is SUPPORT!!
I have used off and on for over 40yrs and came clean almost 3 yrs ago off of a Methadone ride and other pills that were prescribed and one that was not. It took a LONG time for me to physically come around and a few yrs to feel my Brain fires up our flip back. Most of us did not even have a clue on how we knocked down the " Feel Good Chems, Hormones, Transmitters and so on in our Brain". It also has alot to do with the Dopamine and the Mid-Brain. I have been on this site for almost three yrs and knowing all of this in a more scientific way has really scared me straight. (Most of the damage has already been done)..Also outside Support is a plus too.

The Detox is the Easy part, it is working on staying clean that takes the cake. Since you do have a history of running and hiding on drugs when Life throws a curve ball, you too will find yourself searching for many areas of support. This is SO important and learning to live in our own skin takes this type of Support. I do wish you the best and if you can get down to 5mg I would jump or you can jump now. I got down to 30mg and jumped, but I do know more then I did, and if I could do it again it would of been a bit different. You could talk with the Dr too, as they do have some comfort meds to help or go all natural. One thing is to know that you want to clean up the attic up stairs in your brain and let it heal. This can only be done by doing all natural and not adding more man made chems to it. I also think you should stay at the center for at least 30days. You need to pick up on the information and tools to use. There our Boundaries you have to make and you will also have to know about Triggers. This disease does succck and it is not easy, but it has a wonderful out come if you stay clean & sober..Wishing you the Best!
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Thanks so much for the tips to avoid the tummy pains, this always seems to be my worst problem when detoxing. Although I'm not a fan of ginger I'm prepared to try anything if it's going to work!! I really appreciate your input Thankyou..
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Wow, I can't believe you stopped at 30mg that must of been a hard detox at first and after 40 years you have now been clean for 3 years!! That on it's own is amazing!! I understand what I'm in for I've done this once before but wasn't as prepared mentally I don't think or as educated as I am this time. I'm not looking forward to the long haul effects the emotional ups and downs I understand this stage can last for months.. I honestly feel like I know that this is going to be my last battle with this demon, I just know I'm over being sick all the time. Recently my immune system has been down as I was hit with a nasty flu and my body just doesn't want to fight it completely off!! I'm pretty certain I'm going to try quitting smoking cigarettes while in detox also. And will be eating as fresh and best I can when and if I can. I really appreciate the reply's from all 3 of you so far, all have been helpful.. I just hope the hard part is over within a week or so and doesn't linger on to much longer after that. I know I will have cravings but I have support networks in place this time and after leaving rehab I will be joining a group of people who have detoxed themselves for more support.. I'm a qualified chef so understand nutrition but haven't been working outside of home since I started to taper and I just want my life back. I want my family to be proud of me again like they used to be instead of worrying if I'm still taking drugs.. It just ***** there is no real way around skipping the painful detox part which is why I made this post asking for advice and I've gotten that. I will post again once I come out of detox and let you know how I actually went.. Thanks everyone xx
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Hi  well congrats on taking your life back  good luck with the detox  I was on methadone for almost 7yrs at 150mg  I tapered all the way to 1mg then jumped  if I had to do it all over I would have jumped at 5mg  because tapering below that is miserable it is up to you as for the symptoms  methadone phyical withdrawal is 10 days to 2 weeks but the inability to sleep and the ''energy crash'' last a lot longer  it was a good 90 days b/4 I really started to see progress we have a equasion we use  it is the length of time on it  the dose your on  and your age all factor it  I was on it a long time  I was on a high dose and was 47 when I detoxed  so the cards where stacked agenst me  the clinic even said I was going to be on it the rest of my life and offered no support  I had 2 week take homes so I detoxed myself just know it can be done and it is so so worth it to be free from the liquid handcuffs...........Gnarly...........
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