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On day 6 !!

I have been on oxycodone for along time . I have had cancer for the last 3 years which I had my clean scan 2 months ago.. I had to stop this medication. I bought some Elimidrol and it worked great for me. I feel good and getting my energy back. I made it to day 6 which I never thought would happen.. I still have cravings though..
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Hang in there.  things will start improving shortly.  It is a struggle, but it is definitely worth it.  these pill are so destructive.  I was taking 10-12 pills a day 10/325 nearly destroyed everything i have worked hard for for the past 40 years.  so sad.  i am still struggling.  i wake up everyday wondering what this day will bring.  lately i have not been able to focus.  the perc made me happy, it was a fake happy, but happy for the moment.  some times i wonder what in the hell have i gotten myself into.  Best of luck
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I think the percs made me mean and no emotions . Maybe its because I took them so long . I was on 200mg of perk 30s for along time then I made the doctor taper me down to 5mg . I know it takes time . My memory has been messed up and I'm not sure if it was the perks or chemo. I been through hell the past 3 years.
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Congrats on day 6! Personally I think the short term painkillers are a lot tougher to get off of. When I was originally prescribed meds it was vicoprofen. That one I had trouble with. The doc kept me on it too long and I built a tolerance and took more and more. Just my personal belief that those are so much more dangerous (for me at least) than the ms contin I was later put on. It was so much harder for me to walk away from the vic's but it does get easier. Just keep doin what youre doin and listen to everyone here! They're smart people!
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Thank you!!
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I'm on day 11 ... I am still having forgetfulness maybe because of the chemo .I'm not sure yet. My bowels are still alittle messed up. I am still taking the day elimidrol. What helps with memory? Would it be from oxycodone? Would the oxycodone be out of my system?
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I'm on day 14 !!!! When does your energy return to normal??
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Hi Amanda.
Congrats on day 14!!!!

Your memory can be from both chemo and the pills. I do know that these types of pills really whack out the Brain Chemistry. This is the part that will take some time, as the Brain has to adjust back and fire back up..Sorta speaking here. Get some Amino-acids. These are all the Ls. You can find them at the store and the bottle will say Protien or Amino Complex.
Exercise, Music and the Sun will spark up those Happy Transmitter that where highly affected by pills. Maybe even pick up some vit/min that you can add to water..Staying hydrated is SO important.
The thing that helps me with the energy..3 yrs later..is a multivitamin and I add a extra B complex.  I can mix and match, so many of my natural vit/min for different reason. I have some for sleep and calming the muscles, to some that help with energy. Yep, Protein will help build the brain too. Your energy should come back soon. I am also eating very Healthy "again" these days. This makes a big difference on the Energy too. I also ordered the Best Probiotic ever. Just hang in and take it day by day. YOU had it hard for the past 3yrs or more, so it will take Time..I will be Praying for you.
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So you start week 3 today! Yay for you! Just wanted to stop in and cheer you on. I think the memory issues are related to both the chemo and the pills. I believe time will improve both. You must be patient, things will improve every day just a little bit. You are doing the right thing. By 30 days you be feeling much better. And congratulations on kicking cancers butt! The pill thing is nothing compared to that. You got this my friend.
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Thanks everyone!! I'm still going strong
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right on sounds like you have a great attitude just never look back. best wishes
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Going on 24 days !!!
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Way to go girl! Keep moving forward!
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