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Self detox morphine

I have been taking 7 to 25 mg daily for two years.  I am starting self detox and am fearful. The biggest problem is it is taken by a family member therefore is always available.
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I wanted to say hello and see how you are doing so far since I just noticed no one has had a chance to stop by yet..Im sure more will be along soon!!

I know it's a scary thing,but I found that the more I focused on the fear the harder I made it for myself..instead try and think of it as a really bad flu..after a week you will feel much better and everyday after it will lessen..

I know how hard it is to have a family member that has access and readily shares,but you must do whats best for YOU..tell them that you have to stop and can't ever go back..make them promise to not allow access ever again for your sake..If you are ready and serious about getting your life back then it's worth the fight :)

The other side is bright I promise..
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Being that it is around means you will have to work that much harder on your Support system. You might need to go to alot of meetings and meet new clean friends. I found that church is a good place too.
As far as detoxing, just set yourself up with some good healthy food. Make sure you drink TONS of water. We have to replenish back our electrolytes and vit/min that we have depleted while using.
The good news is that you used a lower dose for such a short time. That means that you should have not whacked out the Brain chems as much as a long time users. That is the good news. The physical will be over soon but the mental comes and goes. For you it should be all good very quickly as long as your health is good too.
You can find vit/min that will help relax the muscles and help with anxiety. You can find lots of foods that have antioxidants in them. This will help pull toxins out. Get some Epsom salt and take many baths. Magnesium is one of the best min you can take. There is so much more to this detox, but I will see if you come back. WE sure can hold your hand all the way. Getting clean is the easy part. It is working on staying clean that takes the cake. I wish you all the best.
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