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Taper off Norco

Have any of you experienced a successful taper off Norco ? How many weeks or months should I plan on a gradual reduction? I was down to 25 mg pr day for 5 weeks. I went up to 40 mg pr day the last 2 weeks. I would like to establish a new taper down schedule this week.   I have Bipolar II disorder & take meds for that,just some background
Info. The pain pills & the Cymbalta are wrecking my sexual libido, Thank you for your interest & ideas. Pamela.
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Welcome to the forum, Pamela!  Yes, many of us here have successfully gotten off hydrodocodone (norco, lortab, vicodin).  Some of us were able to taper slowly as you wish to do....and others (like me) couldn't taper...we had to just cold turkey.

The guidelines here on our forum don't allow us to advise specific taper plans....we aren't doctors or professionally able to advise what's best for another forum member.  A person's drug history, age, other health issues, etc. have to be considered to safely advise a taper plan.

Since you have BiPolar II and are on some other meds, it would be best to discuss a taper plan with your doctor....cause as you may or may not know...when we take an opiate....it "can" affect or mask some BiPolar issues as well.  Best to get your doctor on board.  
Hope that helps you~
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I second what clean-in wrote above, best to get your doctor involved. We're here to support you. We've all been there. When you get to the point where you can finally jump off the norco we're here to support you in recovery also. which is an on-going process. We're all staying clean together on here. We write how we're feeling, post and ask questions and most importantly help others with our experience strength and hopes. Stick around here for support. Good luck with your taper and congratulations on your decision to get your life back.
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Thank you for your reply. I did discuss this with my Dr before I left CA. I'm at my ranch in Costa Rica, following ( the best I can) a gratitude plan,a healing with nature plan & a cleansing plan.
    I was hoping to find out just other people's experience with a gradual long taper. That is what my Dr recommends,& to listen to my body. He didn't say how long the taper would take. It's up to me.
  I appreciate the kindness you've shown me & the support. Pamela
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Dear Open Mind, before I joined,I spent all week end reading the addiction posts. You guys are life savers out there & I feel fortunate to have found this great group.   I learned a lot. I did go cold turkey earlier this year( without Dr permission ) I managed the Withdrawals,after 26 days, became sucicidal.
   Something to do with the BiPolar disorder. Went back to the states early & had to be put on massive doses of Bipolar medicine,plus started the Norco.
  I want to reduce & get off this Norco, as I think it is making the BiPolar worse. While reading all the posts over the weekend ,it seems as if most of the members had greater success with cold turkey. So I wonder.if many got clean the Taper down method. Thanks so much for the support.Pamela
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