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Thankful to be clean and heading to treatment today!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

After many weeks of trying to get into treatment, today is the day.  Thanksgiving of all days, right!
I'm going to count my blessings today and be thankful that I finally get to go!

This is going to be a rough 21 days w/out my daughter but I can do this!  
I've got this!

Love to all who have supported me this past month!

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SARAH! Im so VERY proud of you!!! SO SO Proud of you!!! I know your going to come back a new and improved you and be a perfect mom for your daughter!! Your such a brave person and I know your goingt o get through all of this and then push through all your legal stuff with ease.

Stay strong my friend and I am here for you anytime!! Just remember there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and each day your a step closer to it!


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Stay strong My Friend I am proud of you! You have taken a huge step and I will be pulling for you :))) Each day you will be closer . Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless
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You are doing the best thing for your daughter.  I was away from my 9 year old from the beginning of this past March till the end of May.  I detoxed before treatment--getting down from 150mg Opana ER to 40mg Opana IR.  And upon getting home, I still had to taper a benzo.  I now have 22 days off all substances.  It will be sooooo worth it.  I was also away from Abigail for a month three years ago, when I tried to get off Opana previously!  Thank God it stuck this time.  We are all in your corner rooting for you.  I know this will work out great!!
Hugs, Marie
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Wishing you nothing but the best Sarah.
You will get your life back and it will be wonderful to be a clean mom.
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congrats. i wish i could go to treatment i would in a heart beat. i just am the only parent to my child and only support for her. i dont hav reliable family. so i went the suboxone route in may. still alot of work. but iv changed so much already. you can do this. this is a great chance that not every1 gets. talk about a day of giving thanks. good luck -crystal-
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