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Vicadin Oxycontin and Bipolar

Well I am a bipolar patient with some schizophrenia and I was wondering what would happen if i took a vicadin or oxycontin. I heard that taking a vicadin willmake you more moody if you have bipolar and put you in a manic phase. But I honestly am not sure. So I was wondering what would happen If I took A vicadin.Then I was curious what would happen if I took Osycontin or oxycodone.So please help me with this question. Thanks.
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Why would you want to take them? If u r in pain goto the drs. They would know.
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These are questions you need to ask your doctor.  sara
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I am also bipolar and I have taken enough vicodin to kill a horse, and I never noticed any  mood problems or manic phases while I was taking this. I had some problems with both after I quit, but I believe this was partly the withdrawal symptons I was experiencing and had very little to do with my previous(latent?)bipolar problems.

The last thing that people like us need(or prone to depression) is vicodin and oxy, because it will temporarily create a artificial sense of well being and then you will have to keep increasing the quantity because of tolerance issues to keep feeling "better"(I was taking 12-14 10/325 a day at the end) and you will then become a drug addict like I did.

Please stay away from the pills they are poison. I am clean exactly 6 months today and I feel great without them. I wish you all the best and hope you make the right decision.
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talking to your doctor is the best bet...if there is no reason to take a narcotic, then I wouldnt add any extra problems to my life
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