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What should I buy to help reduce withdrawal symptoms

Hi my names Butch I’m 21 years old this is my first time posting on the internet, I’ve been reading the comments on this site for a while now and it has given me the strength to decide to stop cold turkey at home.
I’ve been using Percocet, and Vicodin for about a year taking 5 to 7 10mg pills a day, in the past 3 months I’ve tried quitting by tapering the amount but since I had them on me I took whenever I felt like it. I tried switching to Tramedal for a week so I wouldn’t have to deal with withdrawals but ended up taking all of them in a short period of time and went back to my usual.
Now I know the time of withdraw is upon me, I’m looking for advice on what to buy to help reduce the w/d symptoms, and reassurance that I’m not in any life threatening danger by stopping cold turkey.  Another concern of mine is depression and how bad it hits you when you quit.
I’ve got 5 pills left and counting down.
Thank You everyone in advance for any response.
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Well first expect to feel like you have the Super Flue! Hot baths, Epsom salt helps with the body aches, bananas have alot of Pottasiun which is supposed to help with the RLS Loo up the Thomas Recipe it is very helpful. Best Wishes
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The amino acids mentioned can help alot with the depression...i did experience it when i quit...main thing is to get it done and make ur mind up to do it...lots of support here...ur dose is very do-able..keep posting
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Welcome and Congratulations on your decision to take your life back.Missy gave you good advice.Thomas' recipe can be found at the bottom right hand of page,also the amino acid protocol.Most likely it will feel like you have a bad flu and usually takes 5-7 days for the worst of the physical stuff to ease up.The anxiety will lessen but seems to linger on a little longer and normally we all have some lack of sleep issues that stay with us for a while.The mental part is rough,for some it's a bigger problem then others.Really important to have an aftercare program set up,such as AA or NA meetings,perhaps speaking with a professional,and being here is a huge help.Don't get yourself worked up about the detox.Some days it will feel like you are going to die from it but you won't.You known it's not going to be easy,so just hold on tight and take it as it comes.We will all be here for you,so post as often as you need to.Remember that no matter what you are not alone,someone will always be here anytime you reach out.YOU CAN DO THIS!! I will send some prayers your way.Stay strong. Peace.
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Make sure you have a bucket handy and several rolls of toilet paper (trust me), try to drink lots of fluids and force yourself to take a warm bath/shower every so often as you will be sweating buckets. Aside from what I've mentioned there is plenty of other info here that you can read up on to prepare.

  Congradulations on making a smart choice and take it from a guy who just quit a 300mg/day 10yr Oxy habit...life will be sooo much better without drugs.

  Steve  p.s.  If you want to talk privately I'm here for ya bud.
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Agree:  Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocl at bottom right work.  If you can find a way to spend 3-5 days in a hot bath, do it.  Just leave it to go to the bathroom!

Exercise as soon as you can...it help with the body aches, leg cramps and insomnia.

Congrats on a great decision and good luck!  Keep posting on here to we can keep track of your progress and help you along, if you need it.
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Goodluck butch.Ive been there
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Good Luck, I am in the same boat I am too weak to quit cold turkey I am just trying to taper off anf then eventually quit. Maybe I am being foolish but i gotta try it. Good Luck and If you need to talk I am here.
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Thank You all for your comments and encouragement. I went out and bought a huge bag of Epsom salt, vitamins B6, and C, a multi mineral vitamin that has Calcium Iron Lodine Magnesium Zinc Selenium Copper Manganese Chromium Sodium and potassium all in one pill, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine. I hope it’s worth its Weight in gold.
I have one pill left I’m going out with some friends which will probably be my last breath of fresh air for a while. I will keep this page open on my computer at all times for support and I’ll keep posting.
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Wise choice to keep this page open.  

I look forward to hearing your progress.

Hope tonight is fun, and maybe you get some!  LOL
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I wish you good luck too. For me tapering was a fool’s run effort, I felt some withdrawals but always ended up back to my usual, So for me going cold turkey was the easer decision, yet I read on this forum a lot of people’s successes with this method, give it a shot it worth trying. BE STRONG.    
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You're gonna do great.  You stay strong too and keep posting...now you got a bunch of us all here wondering how you're doing!  :)
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My name is Christin and I am 28 yrs old. I am married and have 4 kids. I took my last two pills today. I to am trying to get off pain killers. I am now up to 70 milligrams twice a day and some times 20-30 mg in between. I am so affraid that I am going to hurt myself or my kids while I am on them. I also hate that my days are a fog. I owe my kids and husband a much better life then this. It's so hard though because I have been hiding this from my husband for years now. I feel so alone...I am going to do this I have got myself off before and I just have to keep in mind that I am strong enough to do it. I have read what yall have said to take and I am going out to get it. I hate the leg cramps and the anxiety. I will do this..."What does not kill me will only make me stronger". I also keep telling myself "This to shall pass". Please be praying for me I could use it right now!  
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Hi my name is Ann I am 27 hours clean i took my last half of pill yesterday morning at 8:30am n i am trying that thomas thing to qiut. I started yesterday afternoon n i did it today n i am doing ok. The worst part is i dont know what to do wit myself now, how dumb right since everyday i would do what im doing now "NOTHING" but now it really feels like nothing. I am so happy i am finally getting clean. I will NEVER pick up a pill again, I NEVER wanna feel this pain again. Anxitity is the worst too. But now i dont have it for the "omg im gonna be out of pills soon" now its the getting over the pills ****. I never thought i would be in this boat n i hate it. But I am strong n i know i can do this. Good Luck all n to me. WE CAN DO
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Hi Annclean,
i took my last dose Tuesday afternoon.

I already made a detox, but this was a "observed clinical" detox, because i was on Heroin :-(.
Now i was 3 years clean and was talking now Tramaldon -> first it was just a test, but the sweet feeling of coming home overhelmed me instantly.
Now after 3 Months talking "only" this opioid i'm just on cold turkey which is to hold out. But the emotional tile of the W/D-Symptons are pretty the same as the the hard way the last time.
I'm alone at home because i want nobody to know that i have/had a backslide.

What me helps are hot showers, Diazepam, a lot o Vitamins, Neurotop, Music and a little bit grass.
I tell you only what me helps, i don't want you to take any of this things.

And its good to read that somebody has now the same problem as i have......this makes things easier ;-).

Wish u the Best and greetz from Vienna
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I have really found this forum and the honesty very helpful to me.I too am in the process of detoxing,for the second time around after many years of taking opiates on and off.I have used everything from tramadol aka ultram to methadone.Along this perilous journey of "pill popping" I was priveleged enuff to learn alot of helpful info that i would like to offer in addition to the info from this forum.These toxins build up in our bloodstream and are not properly being filtered from our kidneys.To assist in purifying the bloodstream it would be a good idea to get some chlorophyl(liquid).This definately cleans the bloodstream rapidly,effectively and also helps with fatigue.Aloe juice helps rid the colon of built up toxins also and helps with aches and builds up our immune system that has suffered."Noni Juice" an all natural juice that is carried at Gnc and other stores(see web) has also been tried and proven to help effectively with the pain we encounter during w/d.Everything takes time I too hate this process,but I would rather have a healthier me,than an unhealthy"Not Myself".
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Love the line about doing nothing now isn't the same as doing nothing before
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can we talk privately?
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Hey any info would help on this. I have studied medications for 12 yrs and have came up with many ways to help ease w/d's but I am having problems with opana er 30 w/d's any advice would be helpful what should I take supplement wise when I first get up and threw out the day to help keep the w/d at bay > I know that milk thistle is a good liver detox maybe I should get the some am/ad also need that and Delysome or can you get dxtro /dxm is a pill form that would be better? Any help from this help would really be appreciated . these symtom.... are going to start tonight and I will not get any sleep.  Please help I can't handle it like I use to I have a bad liver and so I stay sicker longer than most people so I just need to know what to do . Cause I will get up every morning by 5 am cause of the bathroom problems.. And then I am in mortal Hell the rest of the day and it seems like it goes by so slow. Please any help .. e mail me ***@****
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hello and welcome. this is an old post.if you want answers to your question go to the top of this page. where is says post a question and start there. then you will get the help and answers you need. go to the right side on the top of this page and read the health pages. there is alot of info and help there also.
blessings to you
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Hello..I'm 33 years old and I had been taking pain pills and xanax since I was 22..Now for the past years I have been on Suboxone..How can I quit that and still have energy???Plus help the withdrawl....Thanks..
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Hello. I am among the youngest on this page. I am 15 years old and i have an addiction to pain killers (morphine) and allergy meds. And it has been this way for a year and a half. But 3 days ago i stopped. Cold turkey. My life has been a living hell but I'm fighting it. I'm not going to ruin my life at so young. I'm taking my life back. :) The headache and nausea is killing me but I can make it through it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It gives me hope when I realize that so many others have made it through the exact situation that i'm in.
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My name is Brad I've been on opiates for going on 4 years on and off. I have degenerate nerve disease. For the past 6 no. I've been switched to 30 mills of morphine every 6 Hrs.from 30 mills of methadone every six Hrs. I've decided to quit all together and get an epidural injection to kill the pain. The first time I quit cold turkey from hydrocodone it almost killed me! The second time was not so bad. This time I've found that benadryl is the key for me. Its helps with all symptoms of withdrawal. And lots of fruit and hot baths to. If you have twitching in your muscles try cough syrup. For you first timers stick with your choice to be clean and find an alternative way to control your pain.
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It has been exactly 97 hrs for me this time cold turkey. I was taking Perc 10's. Follow the advice of the others, it does help. I noticed today the pain in my hands & wrists is really bad. Guess that the lacs of Percs is the reason. I really wanna give Perc free a chance. You can do this!
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Did you ever complete your detox?
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