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Will using different drugs help ease w/d?

So I was just wondering if the fact that I wasn't using the same drug for like 3 months in a row everyday would make a difference? I made the mistake of trying to use a diff drug to get through each ones w/ds. Don't ask me why I thought this was smart lol. so I've been taking tramadol, hydrocodone, adderall, and just a few percocets but I wouldn't even count those. I've used tramadol the longest but I honestly don't think recently I've used it longer than a month? If that. BUT I've been on some type of pill everyday for  at least 2 months. At least...  I've basically had to be high all day until I go to sleep. I can hardly function I feel like in the morning if I don't take something within an hour. I used to be the good Christian girl who always said "drugs are dumb! I would never do that!" U know how it goes. Idk how I let this happen :( anyways... Do y'all think because of how I've taken the pills it'll affect the w/ds? I was thinking the physical w/ds might not be so bad but the mental might be worse. I really don't know what to expect :/
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Well you were only on them for 2 months? Tramadol is going to be the night mare one to come off of! That is the same as taking an opiate with an anti depressant in it! That is what gets you....As far as your WD just do it!
A couple days of he(( is worth a life time of happiness!!
We have all been threw WD and came out the other side! Its work but isn't any thing worth having worth the work?
I say just do and get it over with! Water, Imodium, exercise, and fresh air!
We are here for you!
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Hi there and welcome to our forum. I also took tramadol, percocets, vicodin for many years. It helped me a lot to take Clonidine. Maybe you could ask your GP if that would help with the w/d symptoms. I know it helped me. But that being said, you will still have to go through detox and w/d ct. It really ***** for a week or so, but then you will feel a little better. Gotta get that stuff out of your system. No other way of doing that than to stop taking them. Sorry. But if you need me for support, just holler!
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Yup as soon as you quit "all" the pills you will have w/d's. If you take trams for hydro w/d's you're always just going to prolong the w/d's with another drug. Only way to heal and get clean is don't substitute and don't take and pills. You can get otc help,like melatonin for sleep,immodium for tummy trouble. Drink lots of natural juice,Gatorade or water. Stay away from sugar and caffeine. And get yourself into a aftercare program. Goodluck and stay close to this site :))
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