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is lyrica , gapabentin good to use for withdraw from herion
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HI & Welcome!

Gabapentin can help with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) & possibly sleep. Can you tell us a little about your usage & what your plans are? I used Heroin for over thirty years.
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Found this on the web.  I hope it's helpful.  Blessings - Blu

Home Heroin Withdrawal Detox Guide
Hello and welcome to my home heroin detox guide I am currently a recovering heroin addict and would like to share my expertise on kicking heroin addiction at home without professional medical help or opiate substitutes.
Firstly I will tell you a little bit about my background I am 21 years old and after losing my son through difficult circumstances I became addicted to heroin and life seemed to be terrible I had hit rock bottom and felt as if I had chance of beating my addiction until one day I sat down with a pen and paper and put together a 6 step guide covering every angle of withdrawal such as pain relief, entertainment and professional medical advice. I put all 6 steps into action and within 7 days I had successfully detoxed form heroin and living a normal life again free from addiction.
This guide is in no way a fool proof plan to quitting heroin and will not work for everyone it is merely a guide to planning a successful detox and some may wish to change steps or even add their own to requirement.
• Step 1: As with any addiction it has to be in your personal wishes to beat your addiction on your own (you can have outside support) but it has to be your decision to stop otherwise this home detox guide will be rendered useless.
• Step 2: Set a quit date and stick to it. When choosing a quit date you need to allow yourself adequate time to prepare for your detox so as not to rush and end up falling back into the grips of addiction.
• Step 3: Compile a list of all legal over the counter medications you wish to have close by so as to minimize the physical symptoms of withdrawals such as headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, insomnia, stomach cramps and anxiety.
• Step 4: Buy enough food and drink including to last you up to 14 days and make sure you have a wide variety of foods so as to have a balanced diet over this period of time believe me it will make all the difference if you eat properly. The worst physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal will last 7-14 day with the 72 hour mark being the point where discomfort is at its highest level.
• Step 5: Most of you will already have a TV which is a great thing to pass the time and boredom you will face when detoxing there are also alternatives such as books, magazines, drawing pads etc. Some people like to write a diary when going through heroin withdrawal or draw detailed pictures whatever you feel most comfortable with will work best for you.
• Step 6: Make a doctor's appointment and show/tell him your plan to withdraw and get his/her medical advice so as to be sure your body and mind are in a fit state to withdraw safely on your own.
After following all of these steps above you are ready to start your withdrawal from heroin and I wish you the best of luck.

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