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I have been shooting heroin about 4/5 times in the last 10 days in combination with about 8mg of suboxin. Now, today I had to take two 8mg. suboxin pills just to feel stable. I'm really messing-up. In addition, I used to take 4mg suboxin/day  and then I noticed that I started "using" suboxin just to relieve my stress. I actually was getting high off the suboxin, thus removing my stress. Bottom-Line: I've been abusing suboxin. What do I do? Where do I turn? I need some feedback, Please. I once had 18 months recovery/sobriety & I know that when I had stress during my sobriety, I would get into action with phone-calls, prayer, meetings..etc. It seems like I have replaced the AA/NA programs with the abuse or "over-use" of suboxin. I need help to get back to real-recovery, not suboxin abuse. I last shot heroin 72 hrs. ago. and I will not be shooting anymore. Because I was mixing suboxin with heroin-use, now, I'm up to two 8mg. pills a day. Can I get back down to 4mg./day? How do I do it? I want to get off suboxin completely, but I am a full-time student with a great job. I look forward to a reply!  thank you
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I do not understand how you are using heroin and Suboxone together, and as far as the relapse, how did it happen? Why did you start taking heroin again? Suboxone, when taken in the right dose, curbs the physical urge for other opiates, so what exactly went down?
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You can cold crash your body into being able to function on less than two 8mg pills per day. Remember that half of this is a mental game... but don't take anything for a day or two. You won't get "sick" in this time frame, you just won't feel that great. After 2 days (or 3 if you can do it) just take the smallest amount possible to fend off the wds. If going to meetings and all that helped you to stay clean in the past, perhaps you should start this up again? There's no time like the present... call someone tonight, go to a meeting tomorrow. Don't push it off until tomorrow cuz tomorrow never comes.
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From one addict to another im so glad you are not jacking anymore, please dont end up 15 years down the line like me still doing it, wasting your life, i thought i wouldnt either, at least you are trying thats half the battle you have a job and a brain, theres no easy answer, i could say get phenogan and buscapan for pain etc, but the really answer is just suffer the pain, stay off it, in time you will feel top, yes im a hypocrite as im still using white and the brown, but i wouldnt wish my pain on anyone, i wish you well babes,  as a young person, you have a chance and a life ahead, please dont ruin it, god bless xxxx
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I'm totally confused at how you are doing both suboxone and heroin and not completely sick. Are you taking subutex which is suboxone without the naloxone (the part that puts you into withdrawls if you abuse opiates on it)?? If so, I would suggest switching to suboxone and working your program. Contact your old sponsor or just grab a new one and start over. We all get more chances than we actually deserve so cease the moment hun and don't waste another minute on firing that ****. Maybe suboxone isn't the right way for you since you've been abusing it already. It may be too tempting to abuse. I don't know...I just wanted to reply so you'd know someone was listening. Be careful.
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well i was in the same boat you were and am detoxxing while im typing all i have to say is life is to short all you have is time sooner or later you will have to detox suboxin and methidone are a joke just bite the bullet and come clean man its the only way NO SUBSTITUES if you still need pills to come off drugs then you dont wanna stop taking drugs go look in the mirror and at those who love you and use that as a reason to stop using get a bed and blanket and a bucket and some water and bite the bullet or die ???????????????????????GOOD LUCK<JESSE
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Hi.  This is all so hard, but it is fixable.  My son, now 20, is currently at 9 months clean from shooting huge amounts of Oxy, H and abusing Subox. for over two years.  We tried everything and I finally through major research on how opiates work and holistic approaches from one end to the other have gotten him this far.  You may want to go through my posts... God bless you.  Where there's a will there's a way.
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I'm sad to say this is what happens often when an addict trys to play doctor. You should really go to a real detox doctor but you have to pay to see a real good one, otherwise maybe a short methadonbe detox, shorter is better.
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