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is there anything i can take for energy, im day 12 off methadone and MUST work, but have no energy.
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are you taking vitamins also B-12 will help you must force yourself to do some type of workout also try Emergen-C all those things worked for me im on day 18 also eat lots of meat and veggies Good luck Dave
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i find L-Tyrosine great, you can get in most health shops i take two in the morning about an hour before i eat, i also found swimming and walkin help loads to.
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the L-Tyrosine from the thomas recipe at the lower right of this page helps me. good luck.  sway
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Yes you could take a multi-vitamin, b6, b12 and some l-tyrosine to help with energy. I found that it did work but I also found something that worked better for me that had the same basic ingredients. Its the 5hr energy bottles, even the stacker 6hr power, they have same amount of caffiene as a cup of coffee, no sugar, 4 calories and none of the bad stuff like regular eneergy drinks. They have all the same b vitamins and have the l-tyrosine in the ingredients and Im not one for energy drinks, so I was skeptical,but I swear they worked great for energy and I didnt crash later. That was the problem I had with other energy drinks was that after a couple hours I would crash. So if you want an alternative, atleast try one of the 5hr energy's, there not bad for you at all and they really do work well for fatigue from opiate detox.
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i dont think i could work 12 days off methadone, there are a few doctors out there who believe in giving patients speed during opiate wd
but hard core opiate junkies from back in the day will let you know this is insane
any speed even caffine can exagerate wd symptoms, thats one of the reason most tx centers remove caffine from the detox unit
even if you could take something to help you out, it would make it twice as hard to sleep
probably make you manic
i wish you could take soem time off work
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