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feeling giddy?!?

I guess my emotions are just all over the place. Night 4 off Methadone. Today sucked but right now...Im happy!
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Happy is good....
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It's good to embrace the happy times.....giddy can be good.....especially when we haven't felt many emotions for so long.  It's quite a ride....enjoy the peaks when they come.....and know when you're in a valley.....there are more peaks yet to come~
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Enjoy it while it lasts! Detox and recovery are full of ups and downs. Seems like just when we can't take another second, we get a little break and a glimpse of the sun. The farther you go, the more glimpses you get until one day it's just sunny all day! :)
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it's ups and downs for sure!!  enjoy those giddy times...they will see you thru the darker times...when you have a bad day, just remember the next day just might be the best day you've had so far  :))  hang in there!  4 days is great!!
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