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i did it!!!!

i had my new years eve party there was lots of cocaine around, i didnt touch a bit :) and all my mates kept it away from me that were doing it... i have great mates really, a lot of us have made a new year res to stop doing any drugs :) this year is guna be a good one i can feel it

63 days clean today!!!
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yeah for you that is so amazing and I am so happy for you!Keep up the good work!
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Congrats on the 63 days and the good mates :) It is empowering to turn it down and not use... I agree 2009 will be a good year... lesa
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congrats on day 63...whoo hooo. you do have great mates...and you have the willpower to do this...keep fighting the fight, be strong and stay with us...
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K, I feel ya on bein proud that coke wuz around and you dint use! but I gotta put some rough words on your post bro.
How long do you think you can have cocaine around you , and stay in control?
Ya already pushed your luck by doin it once. sure ya got mad willpower and dint use, but is that gonna last in the long run? my guys respected me and dint use around me, but just knowin that the high was 2 steps away will eventually start  to eat at your mind, less ya superman or sumethin. If ya ain gonna change the people you hang with, then tell em to not even let you know they are holdin. and that prolly ain gonna work forever.
Dont get me wrong, i mad respect ya cuz ya did it..... but im not sure if it is the right choice to even have it around you.
but congrads on the 6 3..... much love
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Its not the right choice to have it around you. But you cant always dictate how the situation develops. If something isnt around and you dont do it - that is scarcity or absence. If something is around and you dont do it - thats willpower or strength. Dont test your strength any more often than necessary. But reinforce that willpower so the strength will be there when needed....... and good job on staying strong. Coke isnt worth it. Expensive and short lived high. Your body pays huge dues when you take any kind of stimulant. I could have avoided 2 blood pressure meds and an emergency room visit if I had gotten smarter a little sooner....... you just keep it up and dont look back .....
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thanks all, it wont be a regular thing it was just literaly because it was NYE i will never go any whwere people are using and my house is a drug free house now so those that come round will be drug free too, im hoping in the long run it will help my mates too and stop them from using, i have already noticed that they have decreased there use majorly and even my best boy mate dont wana do it no more, before new years he hadnt done it for a good month maybe even more, people are getting tire of it, wed all much rather have a drink and a chat now xx
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lb87,   Congrats to you and 63 days!  Sounds like you've got the strength and may even be a great influence on your friends. That's great.
Just never let your guard down.
Happy Clean New Year.
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I am so happy to hear you are still clean and sharing the same clean date as me. I hope my threat of kicking you in the *** helped, haha. Listen, it's fantastic you can turn it down, but you are playing with fire. You know as well as i do drinking can be a trigger and if coke is around, even just a bit your pushing your luck and it's a matter of time. You know how coke is, when that mode hits, you don't stand a chance when it's near you. Please be careful ok. You have done so great my friend and it helps me so much hearing people beat this. Be proud of yourself, but never  let your guard down.
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People, Places and Things

In the past I did things similar to what you did on NYE. I always left feeling pretty good about myself -- I had been strong, I had made the right choice - I had been and stayed IN CONTROL.

As I look at it now, I believe that was very dangerous for me.  The sense of strength and control I felt feed my disease. Any notion in my addict's brain that I was able to exercise any control always ended up with me attempting to exercise just a bit more control.

It was a short jump from "I didn't use because I'm in control" to "I'll be fine if I just do it once a month" (knowing, as I did, that my problem wasn't using, it was using TOO MUCH).

Actually, more often than not, there wasn't even that "rational" jump - one minute I was actively not-using and the next I was alreready using. There's a passage in AA's Big Book about why an alcoholic starts drinking again after a period of being sober.  It says something about how "he may give any one of a hundred reasons, some of which even seem to make sense.  But the truth of the matter is that he has no more idea why he took that first drink than you do."

Really crazy mental twists can occur in my brain in no time.  The last time I relapsed I literally went through a 30 second analysis by which I concluded that it would be ok to use as long as it was just this once.  I immediately agreed to that condition and began a 5 month binge that almost killed me.

After that, I began to pay attention to the suggestion that I must avoid People, Places and Things associated with my addiction - that I must treat them exactly like what they are . . . a matter of life or death.

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woww thanks for that puts things into perspective a little, well as i said im guna make sure im never around it but i want to encourage my friends not to use to not just leave them to go down the same [ath i did, they still have time as they dont use alot and if they hang with me we wont buy any :)
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Congratulations on your 63rd day. I am very happy for you! Good advice posted here.
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congrats on 2 months! and you must be feeling on top of the world for not caving as you should.
like this is your first real test? and you aced it. cool!
mine was pain killers. had to go to the emergency room for some really bad freak infection on one of my fingers. they had to cut my finger open and it hurt like hell. the kind where you think your finger actually has a pulse. ha but i declined on the pain meds to their surprise and asked for an icepack instead. i would not even take a tylenol.

feels good to be able to not cave.
heres to us!! alright.
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Congrats ! That is major..............keep it up.............
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ouch sounds nasty lol your brave
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