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life after subs!?

Hi everyone, I was just scrolling through some of the recent posts and thought that I'd checking to let y'all know how I've been. I couldn't tell you the last time that I felt this way. I mean I'm finally normal again! I can breathe again! I still have some symptoms of physical withdrawal but I've been keeping myself busy, mentally, and it seems the busier I am, the less time I have to notice how I feel physically. I love just being able to feel again! Yes, it is very intense but I feel like I can accomplish and overcome anything! Thanks to all of you! Your comments are appreciated.
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That's great! So glad to hear you are doing much better. If you don't mind me asking could  you please let everyone know how long it has been since you last took the sub? Doing so will help future members who do a search for sub when trying to find out how long it takes to start feeling normal again.

Congrats and keep moving forward! You're doing great!

Best of luck!

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That is wonderful so glad to hear you are doing much better also..
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