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man im pumped

iam pumped my friends this sunday im goin on somewhat of a vaction with my gf. i cant wait to just go and chill in a hotel room and just feel sober its gona be awsome im really pumped bout goin gamblin i havnt played texas in soo long i love it  thats prolly one addiction i can control

its weird the last trip i went on i remember worryin about having enough pills with me and sneakin them around and junk so everyone i went with wouldnt  see me take um and ect it would b acually one year ago sunday acually that i went on that trip

its awsome never felt so good 17 days clean shzam im fealin good

hopfuly i get rich lol
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oh, i hope you have tons of fum!!!and i wanna go.  win lots of money too.  then share it with all us here o the forum lol
have fun
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Thats so awesome!!! I hope you have a ton of fun and win big!!!! Good luck on the winnings and glad to see you are so excited about going clean!!! It is great not worrying about if anyone sees us take them and etc. I really hope you win! That will just add to your excitement!! Good luck!!
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Good for you, I love Hold um myself, could play all night with enough Hydro's in me...LOL   Remember be aggressive first in with a bet wins most pots... And remember never ever let em see you sweat........
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have fun man, but i would take all your money at holdem, lmao. i love that game and play a lot.  congrats on your clean time and best of luck at the tables, watch out for the river card, it ***** me everytime, haha. good luck
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Fun to be excited...and sober as well...life can be good!
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Makes a lot of us believe there is hope out there and these WD feelings will go away!

Way to Go! Don't lose all your money!

Have fun.
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