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methadone for 20 yrs with 2 seperate yrs off inbetween any advice?

please help me with some advice ,i have read a lot of your threads and know about the vitamins but could do with a reminder.My situation is i am a single dad for 18 yrs so have not been able to go rehab.I was also using on top but have now stopped 5 days and cut from 50mls 1mg/1/mg methadone to 40 but am also on 50mg valium and 1 20mg temazepan but only been on them for a year.I know i can detox from tablets after ive come off of methadone as believe they r helping me down now?Im hoping to get down to 5 or 10 by the 3 day reducing programme on my own but i have counselling and regular support just not telling them as they wont let me go down from 5o.I am definetley in the right frame off mind to do it but as a very long time user do u have any Positive advice you could give me and thanxs everyone for your letters here its good not to feel alone in this fight for the soul.The pharmacutical companies are satanic as far as im concerned but God willing I WILL BE FREE!!!!I BELIEVE I MUST DO IT THIS YEAR 2012 BEFORE DECEMBER if i have any chance of freeing my inner self back to a meditation standing!please any advice positive much appreciated?Rainbow
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welcome to the forum!

while i'm not very experienced with tapering, there are a lot of members who are and will more than likely be around shortly to help you a little further. but congrats on finding us here, and just know that we'll be there for you every step of the way, if need be.
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im not sure about tapering urself off it can have sum serious side effects, i just wanted to tell you god will give you strenght to get thru this ond day at a time.GOD BLESS and CONGRATS on wanting to get ur life back :)
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Hi can anyone help me? need some advice . I am currently taking methodone to better my life  and my girlfriend of 3 years the mother of my child just found out that I am using methadone.  she is freaking out and this is not going very well can someone respond so I can talk a little more detail ? thank you  my email is Chris_00780***@****
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