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one year!!!

Hello All!  I have one year of clean time!  Boy does time fly when you are enjoying life.  To everyone who is struggling Just Keep going!   Best thing that helped me was short walks to refocus and get the natural endorphins going!  Thanks all for your support!  CHANCE
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congrats.wow a year.feels pretty great huh.u r where so many would kill to be.super happy for you
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How great is this!!  Congrats on your 1 yr clean!!  Do something nice for yourself today and everyday~~sara
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WOO WOO!! Congrats to u & please celebrate!!
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I celebrated with a trip to the craft store!
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Good job!!
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congrats! A year is such a milestone!!
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Hey hun,wow so awesome. One year already? Time does fly. You stayed the course, wasn't easy,but you are living proof it can be done.
Congratulations. I am very proud of you and so happy for you.
Keep up the good work.
Continued blessings,
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Perchance to dream of a beautiful, clear life!
Congratulations on one year of clean time....Wishing you many, many more.  Be proud of yourself and celebrate life!!!
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