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over the hump

hello im at day 22 and feeling great...it did take a step down plan....how long does it take craving to stop though...im doing it this time...lost a boyfriend to a overdose i went to wake him up in the morning...we were in bed and he was dead...so im still dealing with those feelings
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Congrats on the 22 days!

The cravings will eventually go away...just stay the course and you'll see :)
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Everyone's different, and there's no set time. I am at around 21/2 months and I still have cravings. The more time that you put between you and your DOC, the less cravings you will have. They definitely become fewer and farther between. You then need to prepare yourself for when they hit. They can be very unexpected and catch you off guard. What kind of aftercare are you doing? NA/AA, addiction counseling, etc can help to prepare us for when those darn cravings hit. Congrats on 22 days! Keep up all of the hard work. Good luck to you!
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Great job  !!   riley and acting pretty much nailed it . We need to prepare for weak moments.
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22 days is awesome!
For me I was having zero cravings till recently at 61days. They are manageable but still suck!  
Everyone is different just be ready for them.

Very sorry about your boyfriend. I cannot even pretend to offer advice on that just know I'm here as well as everyone if you need us.
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dj, u are doing so awesome!  I've been trying to get clean for a while now but I remember from the first time around, which was the worst, I stopped actually craving it after 30 days, maybe somewhere between 30 and 60?  to me there's a difference between craving it and thinking about it ... the thinking about it is harder to get away from.   ...  what a horrible, heartbreaking, traumatic experience for u with your bf ... I am so sorry.  extra kudos to you for going through all of this with that sorrow too.  here to support you!!
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steer well clear tramadol is a mild opiate and will bring it all back to square 1, keep doing what you are doing, and talking about this stuff. I am now 235 days clean:} and things are real good I enjoy life on lifes terms. the first 30 days are the hardest, so stick with it. Seek help regarding  gaining some mental strength to combat the mental side of addiction, ask local drug ctr. or find NA/AA. You are welcome to ask me anything anytime. keep going freedom is priceless.
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