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please help me with knowledge and support?

Ive been on Methadone for almost 7-8 years. I was a raging addict for far to long, to the point that blacking out happened on an every other day basis. When I feel in love I realized how much I needed to change because of all the good things  I was depriving myself for. So I stopped taking a lot of medication and cut my methadone use in half. I did this around three years ago. Around a ten months ago I started looking at getting up and going to a methadone clinic to taper off completely I knew it could take years to  get off completely. I started to realize that the methadone was really hurting me more than helping and is probably causing some of my ailments. After realizing that I am pregnant I knew that I did really need help. I was VERY honest with my ob telling them all the medication I'm on and how much. I stopped taking my anxitety med and tapered down on the antidepressent. Which is really hard still on me but I didnt  want to hurt the baby. I now realize that its not just me that I have to worry about It's me and the baby now. I started getting very ill during my pregnancy so much so I needed to be in hospitalized. Ive been experiencing some chest pain and faster heart beatings. So when I was in the hospital I mentioned it there, before the EKG the nurse said she could hear an abormal heart beats like a heart murmer. The doctor that i had in the hospital didnt tell me what she thought was wrong with my heart. She just said that she wanted to make sure whatever doctor who perscribed the methadone needs to keep an eye on it because its a heart problem that can occur with taking methadone. So I did some digging on the internet, and I'm not for sure but from my symptoms and blood test results I think its prolonged QT interval or torsades de pointes . I'm really freaking out from this problem saying that it could cause sudden death. Which also scares me because I'm worried about the baby too. I feel so ashamed about so much and Im scared if do try and go to a clinic that child services will called which would be devastating. If anyone knows how or what I should do, the steps I should take or has gone through something similar please help!
xo Kim
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hi and welcome to the forum...first off it sounds like your getting your methadone off the streets  that will be a big problem if it turns up in the baby or you at birth  so you need to get a doctor involved and get to the clinic....we have had several members over the years that have delivered healthy babys wile taking methadone what dose are you on now???? anyway most obg will tell you it is not safe to detox wile pregnant  time to get a doctors advise on this one...I was on methadone for almost 7yrs and it is a great feeling to not be under it spell any more keep posting for support it is always a little slow on the weekends..........Gnarly...................
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Well will it still be a big problem if the baby or I have the methadone in our system at birth if my ob already knows that I'm on methadone?  I do want to go to a clinic, I'm just scared that if I do go, children services would be called and I wont get to keep my baby. Does anyone know if that will be the case or not? Right now I'm on 30-40 mlg of methadone. The doctor said that I'm on such a low dose that the baby wont have to stay in the hospital maybe at all that they might not be born addicted. Thanks for your feedback.
XO Kim
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Hi  well if your getting it off the street it is going to be a problem  but if your at a clinic you will be ok.....we have seen this b/4 on our forum  the clinics are a pain in the a ss but in your circumstance you dont have a choice  please take the advise and find a clinic  this can be tricky a lot of clinics wont take pregnant women  it may take a bit to find one that will  the only time opiets turning up in your system is a problem is if you dont have a doctor prescribing them  keep posting for support...................................Gnarly................................
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Could you elaborate on its big problem? Could child services then get involved if I don't have a legal subscription ?Thats the absolutely last thing Id want to happen and thats what terrifies me most. Do you know Ive I could ask a doc for a script or is a clinic the absolutely best solution? Thanks for all your help.
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I am going to bump this back up and maybe some Mothers who have had this issues will chime in. gnarly gave you some good feedback too!

I too was a salve to methadone (prescribed for pain) for around 12 yrs, after the other opiates did not do the trick. YES!! You should go and talk with the DR..be honest and maybe he/she will give you a small prescription while you are PG. 30mg is not that much and we due build up a tolerance to all kinds of opiates. I got down to 30-60 and jumped off on 3 meds at once and at a older age. After you have the baby you can taper down a bit more and jump or your DR will give you a plan and possible comfort meds. Just tell the truth to the DR..YOU will feel a big weight lifted and this stress and worrying is not good for the baby. Wishing you all the Best!
Bless U & your Child
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Hi...there is a lot of people on methadone leagly most doctors cannot prescribe it  only some pain management doctors use it  other then that the methadone clinic is the only leagel way to get it....and yes child services will be brought in if you do not have a leagel prescription you need to get working on this right away  let us know how it goes..........................Gnarly
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I think your right I need help but am scared. What doctor should I talk to my OBGYN? So Ive heard there are doctors that can help with opiate addiction would that be easier and (less expensive) if I chose that route ? I called a methadone clinic and they said itd be $15 a day  and id need to go 90 days before getting any take homes. I did the math its around $1,500 its very expensive. On top of all of the other medical cost for the baby. thank you for all the insight and info I very much appriciate it especially from you Gnarly.
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Hi......well 15 a day seams steep  shop around a bit  it has been years sine I was at the clinic but back then it was only 55.00 a week  it is critical that you get a script no mater what the cost you dont want to deal with child serveses when you give birth  have you spoke to you OBGYN  about this yet???? anyways we all want what is best for you and the baby  keep posting for support..........Gnarly
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Hi again!

Forget the clinic. I know lots of Drs up here that help people taper off meds. They all are on this band wagon. The ones that go to the clinics, usually go for a long time. The other Drs are Sub Drs and they too can have you on this for awhile. All you need is help getting through your pregnancy and then help tapering off. YOU will have a new JOY in your life and you will want to live your life clean & sober with this new baby too. Some of the Drs might ask you to go to some meeting like AA/NA..This will be good for you to do.
Keep us updated on how things are going for you.
Wishing for the best!
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What's up with the ???? I am on the old format and on a computer key board??
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I had my daughter on methadone, as soon as I found out I was preg I went and got help and got on the clinic. If you are not prescribed the meds then child services takes the child away. This is what my clinic Doctor and councilor told me anyway. Whenever you feel withdrawal that means your baby is always remember that so you always gave to make sure your on a stable dose for your body. When your at a clinic or Doctor it's easier cause they can raise your dose when you need it. Wish you all the luck in the world
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So I have an update, around a month ago I started going to a methadone clinic. Not only because of all of the great advice that I appreciate getting. It's also like a mothering instinct, telling me I needed to do this because I don't even want a remote chance of having my baby taken away. Also because that's what my baby deserves, the best. of everything. good in this world! I also do feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. and feel like I'm starting to feel less scared of  making assumptions
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I know this is far from when you posted but I had to share.
I've been on methadone 60mg for 10 years, unfortunately I was injured and suffer daily but I was EXTREMELY tired of using pain med. I decided to stop its been 15 days. My doctor called in clonidine 2mg every 6 hours, I also take 1mg xanax and multivitamin plus lots of fluid and 800 mg motion. I have to say I've experienced NO WITHDRAWAL AT ALL... I think it must be the person but if your on it for reasons other than chasing a high which I never experienced it works. Good look! Stick with it!
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hi  well im so happy you are getting your methadone leagely ...just try to keep your dose as low as possible  ones you have the baby we can talk about getting you off of it  I to was on it a long time    almost 7yrs  it is no fun kicking but with a little perseverance it is doable and it will always be one of the best decisions of my life  keep posting for support
Thank you Gnarly I think that you are the one who influenced me a lot. It also became an issue in my marriage. I didn't want to lie any longer and I know at first this was the last thing he wanted but I had to do this for not only me but the baby.  The rest worked itself out luckily. I found that sometimes I have to put me or the baby first. Though I do love him more than anyone else in the world and he is my husband, I felt the longer I waited the worse I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thanks for all the amazing advice from everyone,
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