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problems eating

I am now 37 days clean. Just curious if anybody else has dealt with this issue. I can't bring myself to eat anything until dinner time. I try to eat 3 meals a day however I just get really sick after the first bite of food except for at dinner time. I thought I was going to gain weight after getting off of the vicodin.
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Hi,congratulations on your 37 days.It will get better from there.Keep it up.
I don't really eat much except at dinnertime either.I do eat something in the morning even if it is just some fruit and a couple of nuts.
I gained more weight while on opiates because I craved alot of foods that I normally wouldn't eat and haven't eaten those things since I quit.
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Good for you!
Just know that with any opiate dependence when you stop using them it takes weeks for some basic neurochemical processes to return to normalcy.  Among these processes are ones that allow us to have normal cravings for food.  Also, I am sure that you still deal with some nausea.  At 37 days you are truly on the brink of "relative normalcy" concerning your physiological being.
I do hope that you have a support network.  Fellowship can help build an appetite.  Reach out.  Help someone that is just thinking of getting clean or very early in their sobriety.  I would bet you will find an appetite.


Be safe, stay educated and have fun
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    37 days very good, the drug is still messing with your system you will have restlessness, shakes and some lost of appetite I suggest you read the Thomas recipe on the bottom right of this page a good source treatment for what you are going through.  So hang in there you can do it.
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