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scared of the doctors office

I am sitting in a doctors office that supposedly specializes in addiction psychiatry but I am not sure if I should stay. This looks like a very large multi specialty office and I feel like everyone who works here is starring at me. Did I do the wrong thing coming to a doctor for help?
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Maybe everyone is staring because you're great looking!

No. It's never wrong to seek some help. Give it one appt. and see how it goes. If it still feels creepy you can try something else and if it's REALLY uncomfortable after a half hour, just excuse yourself and go.  You're there now so give it whirl...and let us know...
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No, you didn't do the wrong thing. Even if it doesn't work out there, you still tried which there's no wrong in that. Stay and see it through otherwise you will will then be questioning whether you did the right thing by leaving.
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You are in the right place honey. This is new to you and it can be scary. Push yourself to go through with it and be as honest as you can right now. Believe me, only good things will come from it. congratulations on taking a major step. Let us know how you make out. We are here to support you!
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Who knows this might be the best experience of your life.
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Turns out I have to start all over again. They no longer have an addiction specialist on staff.  Very discouraged....
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Thanks for letting me know it is OK to go to a doctor for help with this as I cannot do a traditional rehab due to responsibilities and commitments. I would love to be able to do that though. I really think I would benefit a great sea from it.  But I at least want to be under a doctors care while trying to wean off of these pills!
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