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trying to help a friend

I have a 40 yr old friend who came off heroin with methadone (she took the methadone for about a year) and has been on 8 mil of sub for about a year. She wants to stop and is coming to my house from 800 miles a way to do so...I know nothing about this drug and do not know anything about the withdrawls but from what I have read on these postings...What do I need to know or do to help her???
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I don't have any personal experience with sub,but if you go to the health pages,top right,you will find that some of the members here have shared their experiences with it.Weekends are a little slow here,but there are many more who will come along that can help you more then me.Good luck to you and your friend.Keep posting....Kim
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Welcome to the forum.
Check out the thomas recipe, scroll all the way down, bottom right.
Please keep us informed. As Kim said it's a little quiet in the w-e.
Help is on the way, hang in there.
PS I think it's wonderful what you're doing for your friend. You have my deepest admiration.
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