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Anger issues. Every mood issues.

Okay, just wanting some input here.  I tend to have anger issues, I guess.  At least, people say I get pretty mean, but all my moods change on a dime, I think.

Okay, so here's the deal.  I'll go about my day, and be fine.  Bored, but fine, and something will **** me off and I'll snap at the person.  If they just take it and leave, I'm usually over it in very little time.  If they keep going or say something I don't like, I get very angry, and stay angry for a lot longer.  Slam doors. Slam things around.  Storm off.  I've been known to punch doors, one time I put a hole in it (It's a pretty light door), though I haven't done that in a while.  Sometimes I wanna throw things, though.   The only thing that's probably stopping me is that I can't go anywhere else, and I know they'll kick me out if I do.  So, if I do throw something, it's light, and something that'll probably make a lot of noise, but no damage.

Other times, I'm pretty laid back.  Sometimes I just get in what they call a 'mood', where I laugh at literally everything, and probably am on the floor and just being generally weird.  Bouncing around, they think it's funny.  Other times I get really bored, and similar to the laugh-at-everything mood, but I'm a lot more obnoxious.  Tend to be like a child, with my mother pulling things out of my hands every five seconds. (I'll mix the salt and pepper, or pour it on the table and make designs in it, set toothpicks on fire with the stove, etc etc.)  

Sometimes I just get in the mood where I wanna break things.  Not hurt anyone, but maybe smash a few plates on the floor and then sweep it up.  Apparently my grandmother used to break plates into the trash bin, so I'm not alone on this I guess.  I really like the sound of something breaking.  It's pretty satisfying.

I guess I just think that maybe this is a little bit off, and could use some controlling.  Any tips?
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It does sound a little off, and like it will cause your life to be inconvenient as you grow older and aren't living with a mom who (in essence) has to put up with you because she's your mother.  You want, I assume, to find a romantic partner, get married some day, have kids, the whole nine yards?  Your behavior isn't a pattern for being successful at any of those, really.

My suggestion is to see a therapist.  There might be a touch of something going on that can be named and addressed, either with cognitive behavioral therapy or talk therapy or even with some kind of combo of a light medication and talk therapy.  Better now than later.  These patterns can more or less carve a neural pathway in our brain that makes it harder to get rid of them when we want to.
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Sure: see a therapist, and excersize strenuously, every day (to wear yourself out, and calm you).  If you cant say something nice, dont say it.  Hit a yard sale and get a bunch of glassware nobody wants, then feel free to break them (without hurting others) and then clean up the mess.  Truthfully, I also feel satifaction at the sound of things breaking when I feel angry, so you are not alone.  Best of luck - Blu
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Hi and welcome. Sounds like your more frustrated than angry and your frustration turns into anger, Frustration come from many things. Others not respecting your opinion, others not listening to you, others not respecting what you believe and others not getting your point the first time.
One thing youll notice is that all of these are brought out by other people and is a consequence of being around them.
What i would suggest is to work on being more independent, like getting your own place and such. Ive learned in my years that the more im around others the more i would rather be alone.

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I like the idea of being more independent as a way to feel in control of one's life and therefore less frustrated and less likely to lash out.  But there is nothing wrong with working on anger issues whether you are out on your own or not.  No matter what you intend to do with your life, unless it is living as a researcher alone underground to test how people do with isolation, you're going to need to be able to manage your reactions to other people or even to learn to eradicate your temper, so you're not always fighting it.
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