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Angry after orgasm?????

First off I must say I do get angry easy, but after I orgasm whether it be through sex or masturbation little things just set me off. Like I mean take my worst moments when I'm angry at something and put that with something like my phone freezing. It sounds dumb but it is literally every time I orgasm, lttle things set me off to where you think it was World War 3! Is it's something chemical or something mental? I know I get angry more easily than others but after orgasming it's completely different. I need answers! Anyone share this experience?
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first its not embarrassing or rare

its most likely rage disorder and we tend to hold it in to much till we explode

sex masturbation releases endorphins it frees the body and mind for a time that means the walls holding your anger are very low and very easy to blow over them

you need a good counselor my counselor has worked with my rage

i havent broke kicked holes or smashed for 5 years

i still have it we always will but copeing skills

step back like out of body bs

look dissect the situation find what set it off

work on avoiding that stress go for walks

me music and parks

me my wife and i have learned its how far i let it get to me

and with rage something always gets to us its just getting out fast before it explodes remove from the stress you most favorite thing in the world do it

think about it

over time you will learn to see whats setting you off how why what and how to stop before a blow out

5 or so years without explosions it gets close

we scream and crap but i learned to dissect see whose doing what and what can be done to avoid next time

we can learn to control some parts like any disorder but its always there and we always have to watch and keep learning

best wishes talk to me forum message me i have rage to so if you want someone to listen whose been there email me

good luck
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I've heard of people crying after an orgasm, so anger is just another emotion right? The fact that you have anger, may be unresolved issues that you need to explore? with a therapist or in a journal, (or both). It helps to talk about what it is that has happened in your past that has made you feel bad and now angry. You can do that here, as it's anonymous.

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