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Do you think I have Angina?

29 years of age

Have type 1 diabetes which isn't out of control but not managed properly, have smoked cigs off and on since 16. I also have slightly high blood pressure.

The past year and a half I started buying an OTC drug that's a strong vasoconstrictor that I liked and abused. Half way through using this for the past year and a half is when I started feeling this weird feeling in my left chest side and upper left back. It's so hard to explain. It's like a discomfort mixed with a slight heaviness. It sometimes has a tingling itch about 2 inches under the left nipple and also on my side, stomach, and under armpit. Sometimes there's a pulsating in sync with my heart beat. I am constantly punching the area since it gets so irritating.

What confuses me about a diagnosis is I also have a aching discomfort between my left shoulder blade and my spine that seems to radiate to the area under my left chest. This feeling gets more intense when I bend my back forward, back, or to the sides. I have a very static lifestyle with lots of sitting at the computer so I am thinking it has to do with my spine like a trapped nerve somewhere or scoliosis. I have also gained 40 pounds the past 2 years and most of that weight seems to be on my belly.

Another thing I'd like to mention is when my shirt is touching against my chest, it feels heavier and adds to the discomfort if that makes sense. Just really weird. The pain in my back also increases in the exact area when i grab my rib and push it backward.

I just don't get this and it's scaring me because it will not go away. I have been experiencing it for the past 8 months I'd say.
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