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My brains has these fast motion periods where everything around me is going in fast motion what is it?

I'm 14 years old and I have these periods where my brain starts to race and it feels like everything is going in fast motion. When I talk, somebody is talking, music is playing or when I walk it feels like everything is going in fast motion like everything is being extremely rushed.It happens at least once every 2 weeks but i've had it twice this week . This only happened to me about 2 times in the past year but also I get these patterns of noises in my head when I'm lying in bed and it keeps me from sleeping.I just wanted to know what it was because I honestly am scared and my mother laughs at me when i try to tell her that something is wrong and it frustrates me
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I have the same thing. The feeling that everything around me and everything I'm doing is in a sped up state. I first felt it with a high fever as a child too and now get them every once in a while. The fever thing at young age is a pattern on this forum. I'm 20 now. I find it hard to describe too. I've tried to describe it as if it were the feeling of tiny drips individually leaking out of a faucet at a fast speed. Only every drip hits the sink with a loud ting and you can't slow them down until the feeling finally subsides. It's nerve racking and I always have to talk myself through it in my head and wait for it to pass. It is one of the most indescribable feelings ever.
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I heard the screaming people too when I had one of these episodes at a younger age. Not a pleasant sound. Whenever I get them now though, it s only the rapid movement sensation without the noise.
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I'm 35 and have sensory processing disorder. I was stressed at work and 2 before I lost my job, I noticed that I had trouble seeing motion. Then 2 days after losing my job, things went downhill. For the past two weeks, everything has appeared to move in "fast-forward" or "clay animation" time. MRI was fine, eye tests were fine as well. GP, 2 neurologists, optometrist, psychosomatic psychiatrist, psychiatrist, and neuro optometrist all said they didn't understand. I think the problem is related to stress and anxiety. The first 12 days were incredibly difficult and absolutely terrifying to see. But I'm learning to live with it. I hope I recover.
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Is a relief to hear plenty of other people have experienced this. This fast-forward of reality effect happened to me a year ago (I am 37 now). I used to work grave yard shift and was not sleeping good during the day. I woke up one night and started watching a recorded hockey game.. I thought there was a problem with the DVR because it looked about 50% faster than normal (and I don't have a TV with interpolation it's the normal 60hz or 60fps). I tried to show my wife the problem by holding up my phone with a clock app that the seconds were moving faster on tv.. instead it proved I had the problem since they ticked at the same rate. Then I noticed my 3yo son moving around as fast as a panicked squirrel and sounded like everyone was speed talking. It was alarming and I wondered if this was my new speed of reality. Luckily it lasted about 3 hours or so at a time then went away. It happened every few days after that and eventually when it happened, things didn't seem as fast as that first time. I haven't experienced this since I have a new job but in my case, I'm pretty sure it was related to a combination of sleep deprivation, stress (I was a security guard), anxiety, and possibly because of back pain (which was contributing to the sleep problem). I can confirm that deep breaths can help slow things down but as soon as I relaxed and breathed normal again, things sped back up. Hockey is a  already a fast sport and it was unwatchable at 150%. I can see how this would hinder my abilities in plenty of activities. I had to drive to work while things were still moving somewhat fast but it seemed like I was able to keep up with reaction time. I read some people who were looking for help for their child here and read things from them like this is a "feeling" or "sensation".. anyone who's experienced what I have can tell you this experience is real. Its as if someone has hit the fast forward button on reality and for a kid I could imagine this would make them feel like or seem to others like they are crazy. I have heard schizophrenia has a similar but much worse detachment from normal time perception and this had me worried. I definitely don't have all the answers but my recommendation would be to improve sleep, remove stress and anxieties from life whenever possible since it worked for me. Caffeine may also be a contributor when it's in the mix.. but I'm pretty sure this happens even without the coffee. People probably think it's related to the caffeine because it is definitely related to sleep deprivation and most of those people drink coffee right? The mind + reality is a complicated thing. Anyhow just wanted to share my experience and say thanks to all who've posted here.
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I have the same problem only it started when i was like 9 or ten. I have told my guardians but they seem to think it's a joke or i'm just lying. I have told someone i consider a mentor and they suggested it could be depression or have something to do with lack of support from people i should look up to. it stopped when i moved. But i started happening again reciently. Also haven't been sleeping well.
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First of all-what a releif to know that im not the only one.
Same trend as the other comments in this forum;
My episodes began at a young age for me. It first would only occur whenever me and my family drove/traveled in bush/secluded areas from as far back as I could remember.  For some bizare reason driving past trees and Bush and not seeing suburbia triggered the fast paced ,disorientated feeling to the point ide feel sick. Almost like motion sickness.

Then it stopped. It came back when i was about 7yrs old. It freaked me out. I put it down to the extreme stress I was under as I had a very rough childhood.

It stopped for a few years which was a huge releif but suddenly came back when I was 13 . It seemed to only occur when i was in the computer lab at school. It was so hard to not freak out and compose myself in front of the other students  (as i was terrified they would notice and think I was nuts).

It went away after about 6 months. But now, ive been experiencing these same episodes 10 yrs later at 24yrs old. Ive been having severe issues with my wisdom teeth. And prescribed codeine pain killers (very low dose) to cope with the pain prior and after my wisdom tooth removal. These episodes have been triggered each time ive had to take the tablets.

Symptoms for me, just like the others are -feeling light headed
-feeling disoriented
-everything is fast paced. Almost as though you are slowed down compared to reality
-sounds are exageraged or under-exaggerated  (i dont even know if that's a word but you catch my drift lol). And this includes ur own thoughts  . Its almost like its a out of body experience.  Your viewing ur own minds thoughts whilst ur mind is in a state of panic, for no apparent reason.  I think this might be what the other bloggers are experiencing when they say they hear "yelling voices ".
-all this while ur body is completely composed  (not in a physical state of panic).

After these most recent episodes ive experienced ,I was prompted to doctor google my symptoms and was relieved to come across this forum. Ive never spoken about this issue before as i was too afraid to confront if i was insane. But now that Ive found im not the only one , im going to bring it up with my psychologist in the next month and see what she has to say . I have a feeling she may not know, but if I can get any more information, ill come back and share it with you all.

All the best to everyone.  
I am 40 and this is the first time I have told anyone of my episodes. I am so glad you said out of body experience!!  I don't quite associate it with an out of body experience in the technical sense but it does feel as though I am floating above my bed. But only a little bit and everything becomes distant sounding.  I do believe it's stress related as well.  I was an abused child and after I left  home they stopped happening but just recently my boyfriend assaulted me and now they are happening again.  We aren't crazy this seems to be fairly common.  I am so glad to know I am not alone
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It's weird but I'm 17 and when I get this experience it feels like my adrenalin kicks in. I get hyper and I feel like the world is going faster because I try to process everything. I feel like I can run faster and longer and just do the things you do when you have high adrenalin.

I know this sounds like a cheesy superhero comment.
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Like everyone else here I am so relieved that I'm not the only one, I'm 25 now but I used to get this feeling a lot all through my childhood and into my teens, I remember how upsetting it was but then it stopped and I haven't had it for about 10 years but recently it has started again and I decided to google it. It feels like everything is going fast, like fast forward, and there's a really loud noise in my head which I can't really describe, kind of like loads of people shouting but I can't make out any words it's almost deafening even though I'm in a silent room. It only ever really happens at night when I get into bed. Sometimes it's so bad I just want to pull my hair out and scream, but last night I pulled the duvet over me and concentrated on breathing and it went quite quickly, but it can leave me quite distressed. I've never really told anyone about it because I've always been embarrassed about it, but reading these comments has helped as I know I'm not alone. I've never really known what brings it on, I do suffer from anxiety but they started when I was about 6 so I'm not sure it's linked to that? Also, I do get migraines a lot like other people have mentioned so maybe that's linked. It would be great if there was a name for them, it doesn't bother me much anymore as apart from last night they completely stopped for a long time to the point I forgot about them, but I'm more just intrigued to what they are and what causes them.
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I had the same thing happen when I was a kid and they suddenly came back over the last Couple weeks it's is kinda scary but I just try and keep myself relaxed as much as possible dud you find anything else about this?????
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I know this is an ancient thread, but this always happens to me when I have a severe inner ear infection. I am also diagnosed with ADHD & Bipolar II and I know this symptom is not related to those illnesses or my meds. I see a lot of people commenting that this happened to them as a child and eventually stopped—which is right on par with inner ear infections as well, aside from the rare instances in adulthood (I'm 42). Sometimes you don't even know you have one as there is no other symptom aside from the derealization and sometimes they accompany a fever — another common comment I've been seeing. It's worth a try for anyone looking for answers to pursue that possibility before jumping into a mental health scare.
: D  Hope this finds everyone that commented/questioned here well and sorted
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Few minutes ago i feel that thing. thats why i searched for that its so scsry the last time i feel this is when im 10 below now im 15
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This is happenin to me as we speak everything feels faster and louder I am even typing faster plz make stop! Its annoying to me it just happen when to me when I was on the bus listening to dubstep and it got radomly faster and slower, and I am 15 years old
This just happened to me..  and I decided to search online.  Its been happening for years. I am 32 and I am scared that I am going crazy.  I thought I was the only one that felt like this...  I am glad that there are others  that understand...  I am so tired if this..  is there anyway to stop this..
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Your comparison to the lady in the Sixth Sense is spot on! That's exactly how the harsh/intense voices sound.
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Just felt it a few minutes ago and its starting to wear off, I've had it since I was about 3 or 4 and I'm 18 now. I was working on a new track and everything slowed down, I couldn't focus and everyhing got loud then quiet then I heard a scream or something in my head. I found out when I was younger that it is connected to stress and lack of sleep. And I have been stressed about going to uni lately and getting up early to work on my music as I want it to be my job in the future.

I really hope this helped some people, you are not the only ones as I thought I was.<3
I have been experiencing this since I was 4 it happened in my first foster home and continued to age 22 but it is random and sometimes happens months apart and years.. I thought it was connected to trauma... But honestly scared it could be a very very minor   Schizophrenia  
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I am 40 years old and experienced these episodes quite often as a child and teenager. They stopped for years but I just had another episode tonight.they always occurred when I was laying in bed.I never told anyone about them mostly because it's so difficult to describe and also because I thought I was going crazy. This is the only way I can explain it...it feels as if everything around me slows down but my thoughts become so loud and fast that I can't make sense of them. It is like being in the middle of a crowd where everyone is talking really fast at the same time so you can't make out any words. If there are any noises in your room during this episode  they sound almost distant and slow and if you move you feel like you are in slow motion.you know you are moving at normal speed but your brain doesn't seem to register it fast enough. If I focus really hard on my breathing and don't move and attempt to make out the noises in my head I start to feel like I am about to lift out of my body..I know that sounds insane but it's the only way to describe it. I don't feel like it's an "out of body experience " I just feel like I am almost floating for a moment. I no longer feel my bed below me and everything starts to sound muffled..a few seconds later it all stops and I am back to normal. Its almost euphoric as it starts to end.I am glad I am not alone in some of these experiences and feelings. My only advice would be to not worry or let it stress you. Its temporary and if you just let it run it's course and not fight it, it can be somewhat relaxing.
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I have been scared about this for years, I talked to my doctor about it today and he said he hasn't heard of this happening to anyone. Now I see I'm not alone, anyway we can make a forum and maybe try to get to the bottom of it and compare reasons. Because it has happened to me even when I'm in a good mood and sometimes anxious and I feel like I'm going to go crazy and it lasts for like 30-45 min
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Mine is the same thing but like for example.... I was straightning my hair for my interview very excited when all the sudden my eyes felt shifty and my head and vision got cloudy.. My ears plugged up and then as I was straightning my hand looked like it was moving in super sonic speed! But I know I was moving my hand slow.. But my mind saw it fast it scared me and made me cry. Sometimes I hear whispers but nothing coming out of it... I'm 22 and this rarely happens... It happens sometimes.. I know I have  psychic  abilities but I try not to acknowledge them. I was so scared by this I started to cry the first time this happened was when I was 4. And it has happened 2 times in 9 months to me
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I am typing this while I am getting this feeling. All thoughts, patterns are so rushed like the entire thought pattern is 16X FF. It happened yesterday too and this is when I started to search info. on it and found this article.

I am 37, taking medicines related to HT but doubt this feeling is associated since I am getting these rushed brain moments from when I was in School. Weird but wonder if anyone found any specific info. about it and why do we go through these rushed and definitely not so pleasant feeling. One thing for sure that I'll never do anything major like Driving a Car or Operate some machinery during this phase.

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I'm 43, and I just had this kinda period few minutes ago.I've been having these symptoms since teenage years. When it happens, everything around me is going in fast motion, speeding up like crazy. Even the most slow ballad becomes heavy metal beat. I try to move slowly, but feel like I'm rushing. It always brings a horrible feeling, but it disappears after few minutes. Sometimes I just listen to slow hymn songs or just lay down and wait for it to pass.

Thank you all for letting me know that I'm not alone.
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Can people stop posting now and a real doctor answer any of these comments? This must be documented somewhere. It is intriguing. What is this feeling? Were we all abducted by aliens? Is this spirutual? I said people should stop posting but I will add my experiences. Had this since a youngin. Now I am 23 and they are less frequent.

Feels like this:
- Thoughts racing faster
- Hearing sounds more clear, louder
- Walking feels very fast even if I try to move slow on purpose, still somewhat feels too fast.
- Eye movements seem a lot more speedy, as do head tilting
- Talking to myself in my head feels like talking loud / screaming
- Moving hands around feels like all muscles are tense and are very precise
- Feeling alert like after much caffeine
- Feeling heart beat more

I also get a sense that I "MUST" move faster and do things faster for some reason. I'm sure I appear normal to other people despite this feeling. I once tried to exercise but it made no difference, but felt like I can do anything without getting tired.

When does it happen:
- Randomly for no reason, outside or inside, could be sitting down by desk or doing something else.

How long it lasts;
- Anything between 3 - 20 minutes ?

When it ends:
- Feels normal, slower, more "boring" again, feels like "exhaling" that speedy mood out of my soul.
Hey! Im not sure if this is a thing or not, but I saw this site which is extremely similar to those feelings. Its called the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. I have had this same type of feelings ever since I can remember. This is probably the closest thing I have found to it. I have also been tested by mulitple doctors for practically everything, even while being hooked up while having what I call the fast thing and nothing has been detected. Btw, I have found that music helps get me back to normal, it takes a few songs but it does help, just change the song until your body starts realising that its at a normal pace again. Only that that has helped me!
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