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BUMBO chairs

hey mamas!!  
i just wanted to have your ladies input on the highly popular bumbo chairs. i do not have one.... but am considering buying one for the baby. i heard that if your baby has chubby legs then the baby wont fit in the chair. lol  is the chair worth getting? and did your baby's like sitting in them?
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dd had gigantic thunder thighs. she loved her bumbo, although she only used it for a month or two. by 5 months she was sitting on her own. i don't know if the bumbo had anything to do with her sitting so early. i liked having it at the time, but in retrospect because she used it for such a short time, i don't think it was worth it. the exersaucer is a much better investment since she got a lot more use out of that one.
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I liked our bumbo, and so did my baby.  But we only used it for a couple of months.  So, if you can, try and find one that is used.  They are pretty pricey for something that is only used for a couple of months.  I also agree about the exersaucer.  We still use that, and my baby is 9 months old!  Oh, and my baby has some pretty chunky thighs, and we never had a problem with her using the bumbo.
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i loved our bumbo, too!  dd had really chunky thighs as well and we never had a problem w/ it!  our other 2 actually sat up on their own earlier than our youngest did and they didn't have one of these...  so i was actually wondering if she had started relying on it for support.  but it was also great for feeding her in, too... when i didn't want to have to put her in the highchair in the kitchen or have her reclining in the bouncer.  i just sold mine to a consignment shop and will be purchasing another (in a boy color) when the time comes for us to need it from the consignment shop as well.
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haha.... alright then, my decision has been made. i am gonna splurge and buy one!!  thanks for all the input.... i appreciate it!
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Great decision, I had one and my baby was able to be near me and not cry since he was able to hang out with us without having to drag any other heavy baby item to put him in.
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I do know they make a off brand of it at walmart for half the price. I recieved one at my shower but I would look around! Target also has one too
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I got mine from Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot. But they all work the same really.
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SWEET!! i was just on my way to wal-mart in the next few minutes. im definately gonna go check them out!! thanks guys!
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so.... i went to wal-mart and they didnt have anything even close to a bumbo chair!! our walmart is terrible though... so im not surprised!! lol  i thought i could save myself a few bucks with a bumbo knock-off...lol.
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I'm gonna watch yard sales for one. $40 seems like a lot for a pieces of foam rubber. Especially if it doesn't work out.....Let us know what you think about the knock off.

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