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My daughter's baby is a little over a month old and today when she was crying I saw teeth buds!  I saw two on the front bottom and one in the back.  I was shocked to see this.  Has anyone else ever seen this so soon in their babies?  She has been very cranky lately and we thought it was diaper rash, colic or gas, but now I'm beginning to wonder if they are popping up early.  I know they can come up to the surface and then go back down again.  Is this what's happening?
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You could ask the pediatrician to confirm.  Sometimes the gums look like teeth are right there, yet six months pass and no teeth.
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My first daughter had the same thing at about 2 months old.  At first she handled it well until we tried to get a better look then screamed for hours!  By several days later they were gone.  From best I could tell, they were what were called "milk teeth".  Most babies are born with them already emerged and then they are removed.  It's extra calcium.  Either way, I would go to the pediatrician to have them checked and removed if necessary.  The thought behind removal is...if they aren't her actually baby teeth and they fall out, the baby could choke.  Best of luck to you!
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