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EWCM while breastfeeding?

I just got EWCM yesterday and today! I haven't had a cycle yet since baby was born. She's now 14M old. I was wondering if anyone noticed EWCM before there first cycle returned. We have been TTC since May but with out a cycle it hasn't really been possible.

I'm hoping that this is truly ovulation and I am able to get pregnant soon
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go start bonking!!! Yes you can ovulate before your cycle begins and this is def what it sounds like to me, good spotting :)
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Yes, you will likely ovulate before you get your first period.  Becuase it is the ovulation that triggers the whole cycle and the egg release and then the period if fertilisation doesn't occur.

Two of my sisters got pregnant with their 4th baby without ever getting a period after their 3rd baby.  Both of them were quite surprised to find they were pregnant (both found out about 4 - 5 months along when they started showing and got suspicious).

Best wishes.  
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Day 3 with EWCM. I couldn't get DH to BD yesterday before he went to work. Kaelynn doesn't take very long naps. I'm hoping that she will be napping this afternoon so we can BD!!!

I've never had ewcm this long before usually I only notice it a few times for about 12 hours. I can't believe the amount I've been having.
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BD through her cries if you're ttc...
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i had it and sure enough, AF appeared exactly 2 weeks later.
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Good luck....I hope you bypass the whole AF thing and end up pregnant before she can make an appearance!! I think I remember spotting a bit before getting my actual AF back but everyone is different. I was still EBF when I got AF back...I was an unlucky one...not a long break for me!
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Good luck, I also spotted before I got my period back and had alot of discharge and I was EBF when I got my period back too (5.5 months). My sister got her period back at around 9-10 months post-partum and breastfeeding.
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Well AF showed her ugly face yesterday!! exactly 14 days after the first sight of ewcm. I had ewcm for 4 days so I thought I would be lucky and get pregnant. Oh well. I'm just excited that I CAN TTC again with a real possibility of actually becoming pregnant. Instead of just "not preventing".

I went 23 months including the pregnancy with out AF!! It was bound to return at some point. I'm just lucky it stayed away as long as it did.
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I agree! Good luck sister!
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Before I got pregnant this last time, the 1st and only time I had EWCM was the when we concieved.

Recently I have had EXCM since my DD's birth, but we're not trying for anymore babies. She is 10months old and still nursing. I'm shocked my body allowed AF back only 6months post pard, considering my PCOS... about 90days later I spotted for a few days spotted and then 33 days later AF came back. I hate being such an irregular person. But glad I dont have to deal with it as often too.

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