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I felt my couch shaky, was it just me or my neighbor bothered me again

These apartments walls and floors are thin. I somehow felt mistreat by the neighbors that live in the same apartments complex I am in.  I hear disturbing noises sometimes, or them hitting up the floor for me to hear when the things I do bothered them and they don't like what I am doing when I am doing things in this unit.  
I was asleep last night and I felt my couch I was sleeping on shaky a bit so I woke up. Is it just me, or the neighbor bothered me again?  Other times I heard scream or loud disturbing noise and I woke up.
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I think that you are a little paranoid about your neighbors.  Do you see a therapist?  If you worry about this too much then you will become hyper-sensitive to noises like this and will not be able to find peace in your mind.  If it was my I would try talking this out with a therapist and they may help you to either confront the neighbors or figure out another way to deal with it.  I wish you peace and luck.
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I have not see a therapist yet but I have setup an appointment at a place to get help with my depression and anxiety.  I did emailed the apartments office about this and tell them that they don't have to do anything about these things I feel I am getting from them but, let me see if they kept doing the disturbing stuffs, then I will report it to the them.  
Today, the residents on the opposite unit made noise on their dining room floor by hitting the floor repeatedly with their dining chair. Not loud but it was kind of disturbing to me.
Thank you though for trying to help.
No worries.
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