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can weed damage brain if smoked only once with liquor?

7 weeks ago I was drinking with a friend. Had 3 glasses of wine. I don’t smoke at all but for some reason I took 2 pulls of weed. I woke up the next day feeling off. Unbalanced, ears ringing, head fogggy, vision jumpy, eyes sensitive to light, tremors, head pressure on the right by my temple, and seeing after Images. Now I am 7 weeks in and some symptoms have calmed down but my vision is still weird and I get tremors often. In dark rooms it’s like I’m seeing a lot of dots as if something is moving. It’s hard t explain. Anyways I want to know if it’s possibly that I damaged a nerve or anything? It’s really making me depressed and my anxiety is through the roof because of it. It’s freaking me out.
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I will be honest that I don't think this would have an effect like what you are describing.  Weed definitely doesn't agree with everyone.  Some people have a weird dizziness that can even make them faint.  But you haven't done any permanent damage I wouldn't think.  Do you by any chance have anxiety issues?
Well, that is a dumb question.  lol  I think it sounds like smoking pot has triggered anxiety.  What do you do to treat anxiety?
Yes I do have anxiety issues maybe it amplified it? The issue I’m dealing with the most now is, in dark rooms I see a lot of like tiny dots that seem like they are just jumping or moving. Part of me isn’t sure if I always been like this and just never noticed it or if this is something new. But being aware of it is making my anxiety worst
So, I red when you see tiny dots moving around that it is really blood cells moving around in your retina.  Probably normal but you are hyper aware because of your anxiety. However, pot will make the blood vessels in your eyes expand (hence the traditional red eyes) so maybe it is amplified a bit right now.   Here's an article that goes through the whole body and marijuana's effect on it.   https://www.healthline.com/health/addiction/marijuana/effects-on-body#5  But that is when it is actively in your system. The high leaves quickly.  And pot should be completely out of your system by 2 to 4 days and up to a week max.  

I think it would be a good idea to revisit getting help with anxiety.  Focus on that because that is likely at the heart of this.
red = read
Mixing pot with alcohol intensifies both.  It's great when it's great but not so great when it isn't.  Both can cause anxiety in some people, pot more so.  What you had was a hangover.  Pretty common.  What you have now might be an anxiety problem, as you've held onto those day after symptoms.  While pot can make the pupils expand, so can alcohol.  So can medication.  I don't think that's the problem, or at least it never was for me.  But there came a time when pot brought out my anxiety, and that might have happened to you, and it would have been intensified when mixed with alcohol.  You don't have brain damage.  You do seem to be holding onto that hangover.  It obviously shook you up.  Weed probably isn't for you.  When this kind of thinking becomes chronic, you might consider talking to a therapist.  All the best.
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just weed itself does a lot for my back issues  also clears my thouhts
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