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CHALLENGE POST - Do I Hear a Crunch???

OK TEAM ... Drill Sergeants Twehner5 and Skailark have issued a challenge to all of us .. their instructions and wonderfully playful humor can be found in the post below.


Sign up below and let them keep us accountable!!!  I'm in .. are you???   Count to 10 ...

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. 9 .. 10 !!!

Ask them any questions you may have and then let's get going and show them what we're made of!!!    Don't forget to put this on your exercise tracker!!!  Just add the total number of minutes under calisthenics and then you can keep selecting the down arrow until you get to the journal portion and write the number of crunches you did.  

FYI ... situps, crunches, push ups, pulls ups, squats, calf-raises, and dips are all considered calisthenics.
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Hold me accountable .. Day 1 done!
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Well done!  It takes just a few seconds!  

I did mine, even though that's all I did today.

Who else?  

Skailark, I have to relinquish the computer to my dau. for homework VERY soon. Will you take good care of everyone when you come to check on them...?
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WHAT?!?!?!? only 10? cmon thats weak....man i do at least 500 everyday!!! ah well i'm done for 50 days today....lol
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Wow! I hear the crunches far across the oceans! lol...

Great going everyone! Yea sure Twehner Will always take care of everyone here!!!!
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Count me in! I didn't realize you could crunch your abs every day (without a rest day in between). Makes sense, though, since you use your abs all throughout the day.

I did 30 reg. crunches, 30 twist crunches, 30 reversed crunches... need I go on? I have really strong abs... the problem is the skin over my abs (from being pregnant). I don't know if crunches will tighten that skin up or not. I never feel sore after an ab workout, even after doing all of that. Does that mean I need to tack on more? Please say no!!! LOL! I find workouts tedious and boring.

Another GREAT ab workout that you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE is sucking in your belly button to your spine. Hold however long you can, then release. Repeat and repeat... and repeat all throughout the day! Helps strengthen your abs when you can't get a workout in.
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You ROCK!!!

Do you like slow bicycle crunches?  Do them anyway!  JK!  The lower your straightened leg to the floor, the better.

That's just for her!  The rest of you, get down, AND GIVE ME 10!!!  And, believe me, we won't be staying at 10 for long.............

OFF TO WORK and then, MY WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, did 30 today!
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*GROAN* I hate bicycle crunches the most! But I shall do them because I know they are probably the most effective ones.

Ha ha--- I liked your "... we won't be staying at 10 for long..." comment.
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Well, I'm a baby in the ab department since my surgery ... so I'll stay at 10 each day and then move forward after a week.  Sometimes, we just have to start at the beginning!  :p

As for the rest of you .. VERY WELL DONE!!!  Now .. let's try to get some more takers .. and .. did you all fill out your exercise trackers???  Think we should include whether we did or not in our next post!

Personally, I am looking forward to this and learning about other types of crunches .. perhaps you can explain them as we move forward!  

And .. JoyRenee .. thanks for the information about sucking in my belly throughout the day as an exercise!  Going to start doing that as well!  As for the excess skin, unfortunately exercise may not take care of that .. it is why I had to have mine removed surgically .. 12 lbs.  Know you aren't anywhere near where I was .. my tummy used to reach my knees before I began losing weight.

Great Job EVERYONE!!!  
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lol im done for today but i just thought i would post a couple different crunches on here, you know, in case you guys are gettin bored.....
1) 4 count crunches where you lift your chest up in three different movements, one second  (or count) each time
2)1 count, the everyday normal crunch, up down up down up down
3)Circle crunches, lift up but to your right and then do a complete circle all the way around to the left....repeat on the opposite side....
4)up-touch crunches....go up as in a normal crunch then use one hand and touch one of you're ankles and pivot your entire body to that side
5)jack knives.........lay flat on the ground, then lift your legs up as high as possible and same with your hands, let them touch then go out flat again....
6)planks....not truly crunches but a good core workout....get on hands and knees, then put your feet out too, as if you were laying on your stomach....lift up balancing on your hands and tips of your toes....keep body straight and hold for as long as possible

okay thats all i know.....haha hope that helps somebody out or else  i just wasted some time :)
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Who Has Done What Today?

So Tell me p[eople? How many crunches you did today and waht type of crunch was on the menu? How do you feel!

Now start reporting before Twehner and me kick your butt! :)
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done for today.....at least 300.....mix of everything really haha......
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I did mine!

-30 regular crunches
-30 bicycle crunches (yuck)
-30 reverse crunches
-30 of this one where you crunch to the side and try to touch your ankles

I think that's it.
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hmmm not bad girls! Impressive stuff! :)
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If you find it hard to do crunches-  then watch this 26 sec video -  and see how to do it right without hurting your neck or back

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I'm late chiming in but will start TODAY!!!  Crunch -- so far only under my feet .. it is entirely ice outside, so a good day to begin ... !!!

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Cool!  Cruch time...hehehe.  Will begin these tomorrow.  Got me one of those Bender Balls, so I'll have to let you all know how that works out.  
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Sooooo.....?  Who did their 12 crunches today????  

Are you breathing OUT as you lift up and breathing IN as you lower back down?

FORM: Think of pulling your belly button into your spinal cord...yep! That's it! Just 11 more!
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