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Fun Friday ... Any plans for the weekend?

Doing anything fun this weekend?
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Borrowed this idea from a sister community .. you can see what I'm doing here http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/678715  ;

It's E x C i T i N g !!!
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Going on a local college visit on Sunday for my daughter!  Should be fun!

WoW Ranae .. WoW is all I can say for your plans as you have the opportunity of a lifetime to make new memories !! WoW .. you better keep us updated!

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Since I got sick  in the spring we haven't been very sociable.  We are finally going to visit some good friends.  Otherwise, just lots of cleaning and cooking to do!
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Well the weekend is for some mystery thriller.yes 007 is out and i am going to have some fun with ma friends here..Still the exercsie is my top priority!
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My brother turned 50, so there's a party for him.. I'll make sure I eat before  I go so that I don't end up eating all of the high calorie food that is at these parties. But it should be fun.
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I am going shopping and on a play date with my son (16 months). Spending the weekend with my fiance and maybe seeing a movie! I love being with my family, so its always fun with them!
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I have family coming to visit.  I'd better be extra careful because of that blurry, often non-existent line between socializing and eating...  
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You all have a great time.  My brother called and we can't wait till tomorrow and are having a private meet tonight .. love to all .. and see you back on Sunday!

Please take care of each other and thanks for all your heartfelt wishes.

Many (((Hugs)))
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