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Sunday Roll Call and a Little Sunshine

What are you doing today?  Everyone healthy?  Happy?  Let us know how you're doing .. if you need any help today or tell us a special Sunday memory ...

Here's a little sunshine that was shared with me today by a dear friend .. :D


Enjoy ...

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Sunday Sunshine:  I'm a Football mom is cheering still ... [ rah rah rah ] .... My son's team won the first round of the playoffs with a score of 26-0

The other team was a disgrace --- one of the kids got a foul and kicked out of the entire game for physically attacking our quarterback and flinging him up in the air!!!!  And one of the coaches of the other team was ordered off the field for loud, obnoxious language!!!!  

WOW ..that was surprising to see!

We won fair and square and today that now means another week of practice which equates to us doing our exercise right along with him LOL LOL LOL. They have moved up in the playoffs.  Which means we can move right along with him here on Wt. Loss ...

[ rah rah rah ] LOL

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It may not sound exciting, but after 5 days of a migraine I was sooooo behind in house "stuff". I got so much accomplished and it feels sooooo gooooood!!!!! That's my sunshine, even though it's snowing outside (not accumulating) and I don't think the temp got above 35 today. I had a wonderful day!

Oh, and the Beautiful Sunday video didn't hurt, either! Thanks, Ranae!

I sure hope your weekend was meaningful. I thought about you a lot.
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I spent today with my son, two friends from college, and one of their son's that is my son's age! We went to lunch at Applebees and then went shopping!! It was a lot of fun! I also got my new duffle bag packed to take to the gym with all my stuff! Very motivated right now!
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Had a nice quiet day for most part. I had some alone time, so I took advantage of it and addressed all of my Christmas cards which I will mail out within a couple of weeks. It's just good to know that I don't have to worry about sending out about 100 cards during the last minute. This evening, I went to my sons house to help him do a little work on his house he just bought. My job was to clean up all of the drywall dust from the walls and counter tops. It was just everywhere. Oh well, that's what we moms do for our kids.
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It's wonderful to share in your lives and hear of your Sunday events.  

CC ~ The fortitude of your son and learning to persevere when others are not behaving fairly is a good lesson for all of us.  Congratulations to you both and just love that he is leading the way on our exercise motivation.

twehner ~ Have thought a lot about you as well as those long-standing migraines can be most painful and devastating.  So glad you are feeling better.  Seems we shared our Sunday doing "house things" .. loll  

Cheyenne ~ You are a welcome addition and thrilled to have you here.  So happy you are motivated and with you mentioning your gym bag being packed .. you're inspiring me to consider going back to the gym on a regular basis.  I do love working out there and feel so much better when I'm done.

bet - Talk about organized and motivated .. Christmas cards .. WoWWW.  Can I send mine to you?  loll  Drywall dust can really make a mess.  The last time I did that, I was fortunate enough to use my central vacuum and it worked perfectly.

Hope you all greet Monday with enthusiasm and excitement.  It's a brand new day and a brand new week .. the possibilities are endless!!!  

Ohh .. by the way .. my Sunday included another call with my brother and a long call with my daughter .. as well as being reunited with my very best friend.  All in all, what a breathtaking, inspiring week .. and this remarkable journey of life keeps springing forth new surprises and many blessings!  (((Hugs))) to all ..
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