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Sunday Weigh In July 19, 2020

Good morning.  How are you doing this morning?  It's looking like another of our typical days here - sunny and hot with rain/T-storms rolling through at some point.  

There still isn't a lot going on here, as our cases of COVID-19 continue to rise and we avoid going out as much as possible, although we're not under official "lockdown"... Most stores, restaurants, etc are still operating at reduced capacity in order to maintain social distancing guidelines.  

I've definitely been trying to reduce my food/calorie intake and get back to more healthful food, but that doesn't seem to be helping much in the weight department.  I've been pretty lax with the exercise, but I haven't been feeling real well either so that makes it difficult to be real motivated.  

I did weigh yesterday and was down approximately 3 lbs from last week, but I'm pretty sure that was caused by prep for my colonoscopy, which took place on Thursday.  I'm guessing those 3 pounds will pile back on as soon as I resume normal eating.  

I'll be due for thyroid blood work in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to get another increase in my thyroid medication dosage, as I'm sure that's what's driving the gain/inability to lose since my thyroid hormone levels were actually below reference ranges on the last blood tests.  Those results netted only 1/2 extra pill/week, when I really an extra 1/2 pill every day... The medication I take has a "fast acting" component (T3), which wears off in just a few hours, so taking the extra for one day/week means that I feel better that one day and the rest of the week, not so good...

I'll weigh again and post later whether or not I've maintained that 3 lb loss.

Anyway, that's about all that's happening here.  We spend a lot of time inside, since it's close to 100° nearly every day, with heat indexes much higher.  That gives me a chance to stay caught up with mundane things like housework, laundry, etc - it also gives me a chance to sleep more...  :-)

So, what about you?  I hope your week was good and that you achieved whatever goals you set.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~  

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Barb, when you said last week that you were going to get a colonoscopy, I thought it would produce a loss in the weight department. :-) It's kind of like getting the flu -- unpleasant, but at least you don't come away fatter! I hope some of the loss sticks around.

I managed to keep off the pound that went away last week, by stubbornness about reducing eating. I was down 1.4 pounds then and am up only .2 from that this week, meaning 1.2 of the loss has stayed. My husband and I both find that due to less activity, we can cut back on the eating without feeling like we're starving. In my case this is is imperative, because I haven't found any exercise to replace all the running around I did pre-Covid. In casting about for exercise I don't hate, it's beginning to look like yard work might be a candidate -- I might be able to con myself into thinking our yard needs to look much more full and bloomy, just to build some movement into my schedule. The trouble with the Covid shutdowns is that they just make me want to stay home tucked in until everything is better again. My husband responds by going running more often, I respond by getting as much sleep as possible. Guess who is losing more weight! lol

Hope everyone has a good week, and that some sense is pounded into the heads of the governors who are not treating the virus as a threat.
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