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Can a preauricular ear sinus be removed if there is still an infection?

I started taking prescribed antibiotic (cloxacillin 500g 4/d) and mupirocin ointment since mid October. Then I got incision and drainage of the abscess on the week after and I was supposed to go back on the day after tomorrow.  I was instructed to clean the wound by removing the dressing and the rubber thingy that absorbs the pus, that's what i did and the next day is appointment to the Doctor. The Doctor was "Ohh there's still something," then he proceeded to drain it again. The wound never seemed to heal because the scab of the wound always gets stucked on the wound dressing. When I was inspecting the scab theres a clear/white spot on it.

Anyways, after a week of the drainage I came back for wound evaluation because on one day when I was cleaning it a clear substance is escaping the wound, he stressed that it was only an oil. After that he again, drained the abscess and prescribed me again the same antibiotics. This time he instructed me not to cover it if i am just staying at home so the wound can breath and have oxygen; I am only using the ointment at this time since apparently the povidone iodine can cause skin discoloration. The wound closed but I still feel that there's something forming again, the bump is rising. I just thought maybe the skin of the abscess was so stretched out it was filled by blood and the 'oil' and it will subside in time. But after three days, when I woke up I looked in the mirror and I saw a clear/cloudy substance that I suspect is a pus all along, I drained it myself and get back to the Doctor again. Same old antibiotic and "Yea, oil" and he drained it again. After a few days I went back to the Doctor and he finally acknowledged that there is still something in there that shouldn't be in there. He gave me another antibiotics, this time Clindamycin 300mg 3/d. He says it's more potent. He drained the abscess again, but in the evening when I removed the dressing I was horrified to see more of these substances leaking out, so I cleaned it myself. This time it's very easy because no need to put a lot of pressure when wiping the thing. Then the next day, the scab again stucked in the dressing, this time band-aid, more of this pus coming out. Then the next day, no more pus just blood ( i am not forcing it, its just getting in the wet cotton). In the first couple of days taking the antibiotics i have a rashes on my left index and middle finger then it subsided in the later days. Also when I sleep yesterday the abscess is bulky flat, but the next morning its so big it's almost as big as the day It is not drained. So I did was open again the wound and drained the pus this time if dark yellow.

He said we cannot do something about the sinus if we cannot control to infection. He plans on closing the preauricular ear sinus.

I am on antibiotics for almost a month and it is still there.

So yea, do other Doctors perform a complete excision of the sinus track if there is still an infection going on?
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