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HELP! earlobe clear tendon from cyst or pimple?

About a month ago I got a lump on the back of my earlobe. It grew bigger and bigger and after using the internet I found out it was a cyst (I think). It gradually grew smaller then after a week or two it grew bigger again.

A couple minutes ago I was looking at it and realised there was a small spot that was dark red and so popped it. A lot of blood and pus came out and so I squeezed it all out but I found that there was a small clear tendon that was inside the cyst. It didn't hurt when I touched it until I tried to pull it out.

I am not sure what it is. It's a very small clear tendon and I don't know if I should try to cut it or pull it out or leave it! help please!
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Sounds like a boil...and that would be the root. They say the only way to get rid of a boil is to pull the root out.
I had one on my hip once...kept coming and going...made life miserable. I finally did what you did...and I pulled the root out...never came back, but did leave a rather nasty scar.

It's probably best to have a doctor remove it though...or at least look at it.
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i agree, however it is extremely painful, if you can get your hands on some topical lidocaine,i believe its in some polysporin and let it numb a bit you may not feel it so bad.
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