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Nasal polyps or something else..

Hi guys.. I seriously need some help.. I'm a 22 year old female and for the past ten years I have been experiencing sinus problems. I find that i always have a runny nose together with pressure in my upper head area, my ears feel constantly blocked and itchy, i have regular headaches, the top of my cheek area near my eyes is painful when pressed, I have almost no sense of smell and I cannot breathe from my nose which means I have loud breathing and I snore at night, though it does not sound like regular snoring, this 'snoring' wakes me up a number of times at night resulting with disrupted sleep so I can't really remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. In my early teens I visited the GP a number of times and was consequently referred to ENT where I was faced with a different consultant each time, each with a differing point of view. One consultant recommended surgery to remove polyps, another could see no need for this.. In the end I didn't actually get any sort of outcome and I completely lost hope in terms of resolving this problem.

Ten years on I feel like I can't take this anymore and I am due to see an ENT specialist in two weeks. Over the years I have tried a number of nasal sprays and saline solutions which have been of little help. What I would like to know is whether there is any other sinus problem which could be causing my symptoms? The ENT specialists I usually get referred to tend to check for polyps and if they don't seem large enough at the time, they send me packing. I don't want to be faced with a dead end. Is there anything else I could direct the doctor to look in to.

Thanks for taking your time to read this..
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