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Severe Allergic Reaction Rash & Amount of Prednisone

I suffered a severe allergic rash to something.  The rash spread over my entire body, even my scalp.  It appeared as little red bumps.  It itched so badly that I was scratching enough to cause bruising and bleeding.  It itched so badly that I was unable to sleep at night.  If I did manage to fall asleep for a little while, I scratched even in my sleep and would awaken to find I had bled on my sheets.

I went to the county hospital where I was prescribed 10 mg. of prednisone once per day for a week only.  It had absolutely NO effect whatsoever on the rash, but they would not increase the dosage or give me anything else.  I suffered in abject misery for over two months.  By the end of the third month, my body healed itself, but I was and remain very angry that I was not helped more than this after making THREE trips to the hospital.

Any time my dog's allergies become so bad that she chews raw spots on her legs, her vet prescribes 20 mg. TWICE per day for three days, and then 20 mg ONCE for day for three days, and then 20 mg. ONCE per day every other day for five days.  My dog starts to have noticeable relief after the first day and continues to improve there after.

What I want to know is how much prednisone has your private physician been prescribed for a severe allergic reaction?  10 mg. once per day for a week was WORTHLESS.  It had absolutely no effect on my rash.
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